again, for the foreign trade station, the product page comparison functions comment function and products, can get some praise, to improve the conversion rate will be helpful here, mention the domain name of the website, do not use the domain name suffix.CN, choose the best comg or net top level domain name, which is of great help for the site of the brand building, the best selection of American space space, free for the record and preferential prices. The United States like Lunarpages virtual host using coupon code China30 in the Chinese station to buy the host, get 30% permanent concessions also receive free domain name and independent IP, very cost-effective.

first, pay attention to cultural differences in user experience to westernization, for the overseas customer browsing habits and do not understand the aesthetic is flawed, the domestic website web design most of the love behind the animation show, do not pay attention to practical, do not love these foreigners station garish things, they need to be practical and the atmosphere, so pay attention to the utility of the web page to set the establishment of the time, to complete the shopping process to guide customers fast, but everything looks simple.

is the last English title symbols, including commas, periods, quotes, bar, vertical, brackets are often appear in the wrong place, under normal circumstances, a complete sentence should be capitalized, especially in the title. The capital English initials at least allow users to feel more professional website search results. The station after the success, owners also help foreign trade station system English Shanghai Longfeng optimization. Many foreign trade station are built as long as foreign trade station, visitors will Everfount. In fact, when doing foreign trade station, Shanghai dragon is not the lack of this link.

the moment of economic globalization, the world financial integration gradually, forming a whole, domestic and foreign trade exchanges have become more frequent, and the new trend of foreign trade website trend is undeniable. However, trading profit cannot trade the site because of a few small points of the establishment of the greatly wasted, so webmaster in the establishment of foreign trade website, must pay attention to the following points: small

is the second web design style is different, the webmaster need after the completion of the design test. According to the direct design pattern of domestic websites do English station, found the website done, let people read it very uncomfortable. Website design, can be used to test multiple browsers, foreign Internet users use the browser, including Firefox, IE6, IE7, the latest IE8, chrome and noble baby. If the website design is completed, do not immediately use after verification, there will be loss of customers and sales. Not that pay attention to Chinese English founder, and so must be concise in the design of English station.

foreign trade station turnover is often through continuous optimization, enhance the site’s ranking and visibility to obtain the views of height, resulting in a possible transaction. >