search engine from the perspective of social love Shanghai open platform brand area change. The overall situation, the search engine is more and more inclined to society, whether domestic or foreign, is currently not too influential move.

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currently Shanghai dragon industry form optimization around a center in turn means that all of the rankings, site outside the chain. The blog also wrote some commonly used on the construction of the chain method, in fact, the entire 2011 year only the chain website optimization, search engine is the most important content is more No one shows any interest in gathering station, and the pseudo original was made a lot of course with this love sea search technique, there is a certain relationship.

has unveiled the 20116 month 8 days, also indicates that the search engine with a new focus, that is social, but was not obvious.

in 2012, love Shanghai algorithm is also change frequently, especially in the February, and only once every 4 years the February love Shanghai frequent adjustments, "Shanghai dragon" the keyword page ranking have no small change. And love Shanghai for some keywords in artificial intervention home website is more and more, but the quality is all down. But once the love of Shanghai artificial optimization guide arrangement in Shanghai Longfeng home, it also shows that Shanghai of Shanghai Longfeng love attitude, want a good ranking according to his rules, although due to various reasons finally settle a matter by leaving it unsettled but it implies that Chinese, the biggest search engine attitude, excellent quality of the engine to the website, want to good stable rankings will need good quality.

all show this phenomenon, that is the search engine on the factor of socialization "pay more and more attention.

February 28, 2012, the Internet has claimed that the love of Shanghai open platform brand area began testing in the promotion of the brand search results show the promotion of the brand’s official micro-blog, Youku space, happy net home page, watercress station links, comprehensive collection of social network entrance product.

November 11, 2011, singles day is my holiday in ZAC day post big brother tells the Bing engine staff summary of the high concentration of Shanghai dragon technology. The search engine website that the most valuable content, are used to socialization, user experience, link building, Shanghai dragon. The importance of no doubt, but social is vividly in second place.

and advanced share love Shanghai, love Shanghai open platform brand area changes, all >

years, the love of Shanghai launched a new product, love Shanghai share, is behind the small website snapshot form, show the share number behind. This also caused a small brush sharing craze, the fact that this share should be just love the Shanghai test, the website ranking is not much affected.

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