in Shanghai dragon cannot do without the chain of resources and a webmaster on hand if you have a large number of the chain resources, website promotion to do it themselves, especially for some customers because they tend to stand, Shanghai Dragon don’t know too much, the words are generally relatively unpopular long tail keywords, at this time only need to slightly adjust the internal web site, then in our registered blog the chain, you can go to see my first film production in the chain effect of the Sina blog! We use instructions: domain:www.* **贵族宝贝.cn inurl:blog.sina贵族宝贝.cn, the following is the result:

blog !

two, how to manage their free


nonsense not say, here to talk about how to raise free

we all know that the high weight of the blog search a lot, what Sina, NetEase, Sohu, love Shanghai, if the manual registration, the day I think you have not registered, and let yourself so tired, so we first thought is that there are no tools to assist us? I use the tools the blog group tool, this tool is used to post mass, but now love Shanghai algorithm, with the tool group, will receive severe punishment to love Shanghai, so now only used to register a blog, this tool is the biggest benefit for us to register those free blog, high weight blog 60 brother, as I now want to register Beijing sound lease this website, as long as I fill in the blog name: Beijing sound lease, and then in the blog. Here lies fill: Beijing lighting welcome to visit! The name and password are set, finally only need to select all of the blog, click on the registration, a few hours to fix 60 blog for you! We only need the auxiliary tool to enter a verification code, OK


if you breath registered 50 free blog, no time to management. These free resources is wasted, so we should from time to time to give him some data to update him, many webmaster friends if not what time, don’t be too greedy, manage 4, 5 blogs than you don’t manage 40 or 50 blog, I also registered a large number of blog, every blog article to those who have to spend a lot of time behind, I think this way is not reliable, so the thought of a way to call their friends and relatives to help me manage, they can send some insights in their lives, such as diaries, ha ha, are some of the original, which is also the search engine love the things behind, don’t feel satisfied, will go online to relatives and friends after all is not a lot, but their home computer is scanty, so he thought of a way.

, a registered blog has the skill of