with on-line love Shanghai Scindapsus algorithm, with a lot of suspected cheating site were ruthless love Shanghai K out, the author has been engaged in the operation and optimization of enterprise website, the website of their observation of several operation, makes an analysis and comparison, that the sea fell in love with constant unrest in Shanghai dragon optimization to do the following three points, light and fine. Well we continued the theme of short gossip, today will enter from the analysis and comparison of several own website to focus on how to effectively use these three points in the normal daily work.

first light. I always think that Shanghai dragon and search engine optimization is a symbiotic, interdependent, the basic thinking for Shanghai dragon understanding is the key, but we use the thinking and strategy in the process, must not overdo sth., be plain, natural. Give an example, such as a web site after the establishment of density generally maintained at between 2%-8%, the people are very clear, but the site just on the line, the number of words is less under the condition of relatively low density may temporarily, this time a lot of green in order to increase the density, in the process of constructing columns or title wantonly increased keywords, this operation can only say that I think the opposite, The loss outweighs the gain. In fact, we optimize the process, grasp the principles and direction is very important, but in the actual operation of the process, should be natural, most of the time when the site began operation, the design of your page, the quality can meet the user a very good experience, to meet the needs of users, the next web site the weight and ranking ascension also will rise, this time the pale words reflected in two aspects: one is the heart indifferent, patience peace with their own website, to do this thing, every second, will optimize the trace optimization in a step-by-step manner slowly in the website design and layout update aspects that so many people in the process of Shanghai dragon, most of my friends are always not from the heart of Shanghai Longfeng, starting point to do anything Is the Shanghai dragon as the standard, in order to search engine of Shanghai dragon, but the results are often counterproductive, right down, be a lot of help K in the forum, in fact, these problems of our own in the beginning of the operation can be effectively avoid, only the teacher’s name does not mean. They do not compete, doing nothing, I think a lot of master during the operation of your site, such as the optimization of many famous personage blog will be the way we have embodied most incisive, carefully observe that you can understand.

second, fine. Let’s look at the second points, mainly in the work should focus on this aspects. First of all, the quality of this suggestion, not to please the search engine spiders attract some so-called increased low quality, false original article. The article is to increase a lot, you are very hard, but this operation often makes the opposite, with the continuous improvement of love Shanghai algorithm, Scindapsus will vigorously support the specified algorithm to remind the good intentions.