we can often see that enhance natural website optimization keywords ranking eight points on the Internet:

4, TITLE and meta

, a positive answer to the information




generally we see the "public opinion" of the word, will come out in my mind this is not a good message, why to help website, this should not be regarded as the opposite of

, 3 URL path factor

1, the domain name server and factors2,

, "the 8 factors composingSo today I think

monitoring network public opinion specific to different enterprise network public opinion monitoring process may not be the same, but are roughly three parts:

7, from other valuable website recommendation

public opinion events because many companies do not have the concept of Internet business, only know that every year is difficult to do, but do not know how to evaluate your company on the Internet by people. Can we do only detect the network public opinion, allow enterprises to embark on a positive path, first of all, to determine their own monitoring scope and target, know what to do; secondly, to have their own public opinion view, processing personnel, responsible for the first time to collect public opinion information.

5, the content of the website factors

site navigation and site map structure


6, keyword density

: now we want to know the society is a company, to find the address of the company, will first love Shanghai. The name of the enterprise, but we often see a lot of people on the Internet found that the company was in Shanghai after the love of countless infamy, such as: the business does not pay, the boss mean, the company’s internal system chaos the company’s products, there are problems…… All kinds of public opinion information, resulting in the company staff turnover is too large, resulting in replacement without the latter, employees with difficult people; customers see such information will cancel the order or test, or the selection of a good reputation in the same industry. Why would this do a rattan design amplification, the others think of this company that is a search element? Because only you in dealing with public opinion information reasonably, answer the users of information and the establishment of word-of-mouth marketing, the user will publicity for your business and your website will be more attention and give a good evaluation, look at the company with the right vision, so that public opinion information is a great helper Website Optimization Website on the Internet, and improve the position.

Although the

should not say rattan design or 8 points, as long as the search on the Internet can see detailed information eight, in fact, Xiaobian want to say today is public opinion factors.