site structure: This is very important, like a person to apply for the same, the first impression is very important, although the search program is a robot, but also the manual intervention, and the robot is very intelligent, we made the structure of the website please don’t require it to love this is very important, so in the layout of the site. The structure must be reasonable, top, let, right, down should be clear, not redundant code, some labels should be.

if the site during operation to optimize it, and you should analysis on the competition website, anti chain, website structure, content, construction period, and then were analyzed to find out the reasons why, in his ranking than you high, find out the reason, can make up for a lack of effort.

if the domain name is not registered, but also the analysis of many related values of this domain are analyzed, such as domain name service, domain name in the past few years in the search performance, did site type, also is some related historical records, these are only for some basic reference, better than nothing. Then check the trans domain and so on, these small I not say, we all know.

The chain

any website will use a domain name, if it is a new domain name registration, whether com, CN, net, org and so on, so we must do in the domain name, the domain name itself has the distinction of a suffix, on the Internet, but the distinction, so in the application certainly there are, that in the search will have respectively, this problem before a lot of people say, here I repeat, generally in the natural equivalent to the case of several domain name more than suitable for optimization of the rankings are as follows: com, CN, net, org and so on under the same conditions, we have to choose the better international domain name com can.

reason: there is not too much that we all know to do outside the chain and Links, but it is worth noting that the chain is not a lot of the bulk of the increase, but this will make the search engine to doubt your station, Links every day will not do a day two or three, update later most insurance, because the optimization of the site in the search is very sensitive, but also pay attention to the quality of the link.

now no matter what the website, as long as want to rank in the search, then the station cannot do without Shanghai, but Shanghai is not optimal, we think the Dragon so easy, the network also said many methods of optimization, but for Shanghai, the talk of the various methods, I do not oppose here, but does not mean to understand these methods, in accordance with these methods do will make site optimization is very good, actually search engine optimization in large and small influence of thousands, we cannot know all, but we can from the thousands, provided several have relatively large relationship to thus, optimization, observation, understanding, and ultimately to the actual application.