optimization example, it is not difficult to solve, usually such mistakes everyone knows what time, as long as you are naturally smoothly done or easily solved.

, which in the past is very common, it is not uncommon, the site needs to be optimized, but often a lot of people in order to optimize the optimization, leading to excessive website optimization. The more common are: (1) stack keywords in the content, deliberately increase keyword density, also do not pay attention to the overall quality of the content; (2) the use of H1, some sites in a page using a lot of, or even dozens of times, the use of H1 flooding, light weight is not good lift, weight may lead to fall right; (3) the site within the chain appear too frequent or too concentrated, some websites dozens of a page within the chain, and all point to the home page, this is the search engine dangshazi; (4) Title in the title tag stack multiple key words, because a lot of people the weight is the highest, the various types of keywords are piled up to the home page, so that these words can get good rankings, in fact, key words too much will lead to weight scattered even right down.

2, active cheating

said this before, first of all to say that not all rankings are floating down the right, ranking is floating are common in any search engine, since the site changes, changes in the user, search engine changes, so must also change in ranking. The general ranking floating in the home before 10 appear to rise and fall, this is very normal, there are many reasons for ranking floating, competitors’sites increased promotional efforts, ranking up, you will naturally come down; the site itself may also ranked just on unstable foundations; new website is not a long time will appear in a word ranking fluctuations and so on, small fluctuation is normal, we must first understand why "love Shanghai ranking drop down right inquiry and diagnosis and recovery", not yuemiaoyuehei.


some common website drop right phenomenon:

I will according to some experience and knowledge about their own website right down some of the main causes and views.

1, website optimization over

is eager to win over optimization or ignorance, and active cheating is more aware of.

worked as a web site optimization or site operation on the site right down friend must not unfamiliar, more or less contact with mild or serious drop right, so there is such a word: "Shanghai dragon did not meet right down is not a good Shanghai dragon". The web site is down right has been a headache webmaster and optimize the staff of things, right down can be small, light included slow, while direct K station closed domain. For the website right down, in addition to regret, we should go to learn from and avoid the accumulation, because of the same problem lead to fall right, and then solve the process right down can also accumulate more experience.

Of course, there are a lot of excessive