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actually, Boolean logic is to break the data into the collection until the collection of data is very small, to meet the initial query request date. For example, in the search, there may be 1000 "on" pools "on the network, there are 1000 web pages related to" saltwater ", if you search for" saltwater pools ", will return all the 2000 page o. This is too much. But with these two terms, only to find both "saltwater" and "pools", contains only a small part of the original back with 2000 o in the page, as shown in Figure 5 – 1 shows.

Jughead and Veronica, you can search the actual information: but then, the search is still very basic. When the search eventually becomes possible, how to find the file is some strict rules. In the early stage of the search engine, is not very common today in natural language search.

I have been engaged in the search engine related work for eleven years, today and everyone together to talk about the search engine core algorithm: natural language and Boolean search. This leads to the following conclusions: search crawlers and search engines use a heuristic method for web page ranking, and returns the result. The observation model to determine a crawler, web content, search engine to search in the search query mode, and compared with the crawler recognition mode, and returns the result.

users must specify them to search for the phrase "," rather than "the phrase" search, or search for a phrase. Accurate input by Seoul logic: finding correct method of file or document required in the index. Based on Boolean logic algebra system proposed by GeorgeBoole in the middle of the nineteenth Century.

started using Boolean search

to make this example further, you can add a qualifier, such as "not chlor>

theory, we use the active, growing and evolving language, which means that the use of language model is also changing. In order to keep up with this change, the search engine must be active, growing and evolving, so in understanding how to search engine positioning a station, a heuristic method is a very important concept. The easiest way to understand it is the past and present search behavior, determine how the evolution of the search.

today, people search and search engine has just come out when the search is completely different. Remember to mention Archie, Gopher, Jughead and verojnuca these early indexing and search program is quite limited, to find the information in the index, the index must be very understanding. In fact, the use of Archie and Gopher, must know the exact location to find the document or file.