by testing a lot of people in the promotion will be the habit of a platform of a platform, which is the most basic way of network promotion, but the vast majority of people will invariably find the efficiency promotion methods is not high, and it can quickly track extrapolation to help find the promotion good platform, is one of the most effective means of promotion.

as a cloud claw analysis of network marketing management platform for small, I always think that tracking competitors is the most effective means of promotion. Perhaps some people do not agree with me, but people who have this idea I dare say nine in ten is certainly promotion novice, because of an experience for the promotion, extrapolation tracking of competitors is almost every day will do, this is just a promotion strategy that has nothing to do with the other. In fact, novices can imagine that in a hurry before you go to the store to buy clothes and always love playing version of the attention model is a reason, since others have worked hard to pick apart the best collocation but also by the majority of people, why don’t we try? So this extrapolation tracking in fact, in the promotion of promotion strategy is very practical, can not only promote the latest dynamic and timely insight into each other’s promotion strategy also helps to quickly identify promotion direction, avoid doing.

in most people’s minds seem to be tracking a shady light thing, but there is no denying that this is not see the light of things but in many cases helps us, saying that we do the network promotion, a situation which is not in the extrapolation by all means to keep track of the competitors? In our network promotion in this circle, track extrapolation is actually a very common situation.