forum type website profit point is the user registration number and the number of users online at the same time, according to the registration number, allows registered users to help you promote, and allow more people to register your forum. So how to operate? When a user registered in your forum, he will get a link address, he for example through this link address how many people are invited to the forum registration, his account can only be activated. Of course, this premise is that you >


2. type of e-commerce website

this type of website and blog sites are completely different, because it is itself the product sales, profit can be directly. So this type of website is focused on the flow and conversion rate, conversion rate and PV, higher PV conversion rate as high. How to improve the site traffic? This can use the Shanghai dragon or the method SNS community promotion, let more people know your site, to enter into your site. The conversion rate depends on the long tail word, though the long tail word search rarely, but because of the longer the word search, which can be inferred from the word search users targeted relatively strong, such as the word cheap kobe bryant search Jersey user, then his intention is to want to buy Kobe’s shirt, so the long tail word long tail word expansion of the site and the reasonable layout of the site can improve the site conversion rate.

when the Shanghai dragon data today, see a small section, called the target site Shanghai Longfeng strategy. This small section is to speak for different types of sites, should adopt different optimization strategies, so today I will come and Discussion on this topic. Today’s Internet site of the large variety of types, such as: personal blog type, e-commerce forum type, type, social type and so on, there are various types of Web sites have different meaning. But all sites have a final purpose, that is profitable, said the popular point is to make money. So for these different sites, we used the Shanghai dragon strategy is also different, below I to analyze.


: optimization of gravity flowThe 1. types of

optimization focus: user registration number + number of simultaneous online

3. types of

blog belongs to information sharing type of website, the blogger put some of his own experience and skills in a blog for sharing. So this type of site profit point can be a profitable advertising, since rely on advertising revenue, website traffic is the key, how to improve the site traffic? The method can be used together several, such as the Shanghai dragon + +QQ+QQ group mail. As an example of Lu Songsong’s blog is the profitability of this type, at the beginning of his blog and hanging on the right are advertising.

: optimization of gravity flow + conversion rate of