in the META meta tags in all sites, title and site keywords set due to the question of the website ranking, are more likely to pay attention to. While similar website copyright, author and website content description is neglected. The reason is very simple, when the user login the website content description is not directly see, but the search engine has repeatedly said that the website content description is just a summary of the site as a whole, not as a basis for determining the site quality and weight. But the fact is really the case? I’m afraid not, I think, website content description is the central idea of a website, not only affects the site weight, also affect the effect of the user experience and network marketing.

network marketing effect by what decide? The first is the user experience of the website, the second is the site’s search engine cognition. So, the content of the website description to take care of these two points, you will get good marketing effect. Of course, by the description of web content caused by the marketing effect is far more than this, in the search engine promotion, the concept of a creative achievement. When users search keywords, description of the corresponding words trigger content displayed in red. As everyone knows the content of the website description >

two, website content description affect the user experience of

as long as the lookout, we will find a lot of the site itself is a separate written description of the content, but the search engine is not adopted, but the self on the site to grab a piece of text as a whole page description. What does that mean? At least you can be sure of a search engine, web content description of the attitude is not not essential. So when we describe in the writing of the content of the website, must not be free to, and should be treated with caution. The content of the website description should be accurate description of the current page, the content of the website more accurate description of the natural and convenient search engine. On the contrary, if the web page content description and many sites are far from the actual content, or content of the website description blank let search engine to extract. Then at least it can be said, it is not friendly to the search engine, will certainly affect the site weight to a certain extent.

three, website content to describe the influence of marketing effect

if the website content description is crucial to the search engine, so it is more important to the user. Because the site is to give users see, although from the site to see the content of the website, but it can be retrieved from search engines. When users enter a keyword ranking, not much difference between cases, which description wrote innovative and perfect summary of website content description, more of a natural attraction. On the contrary, although some web content description is very good, but the theme of the site is not far, will affect the user experience? The answer is yes, so that web content description written in accurate generalization of website content at the same time, also must take into account the user’s experience and experience.

, a website describing the influence of website weight