two: the chain is too hot

server: a factor

              the increase is the chain website development must, but also to search engine recognition site means. So many times to increase when new sites in the site outside the chain too anxious, anxious to take dozens of friends all make up the chain to increase the weight of the site. But the search engine that will, in such a short period of time to increase the chain so much is certainly not normal, the final result only pulled into the sandbox to observe the situation, this is also the most likely to fall into the new main factors like Shanghai sandbox.

              on the Google sandbox Shanghai dragon Er all know, but love may not understand Shanghai sandbox. In fact, that is the sandbox is not very accurate, love is also the Shanghai sandbox to the railway station, an assessment period, the current situation of the assessment period of 20 days. In general, a new station after being collected, in good circumstances two days didn’t snapshot, or ranking is greatly reduced, so in general it means love Shanghai fell into the sandbox. How to escape from the Shanghai railway station, love the sandbox, probably because of lack of experience of novice webmaster and do not know about the analysis of binary solution here. First we start from the reason why, new sites will be involved in the sandbox then gets the corresponding solution.

                  the server is not stable in the construction site in the process is very common in Chinese factors, 90% of the owners are using virtual host to run the site, a server less there are dozens of virtual machines, more than one hundred or two hundred existing. This resulted in generating such problems, a website all suffered attack web server. Or a large collection of resources lead to bandwidth, CPU not use, are caused by the server and some common problems. So to find a stable server, to ensure the stable operation of the website can avoid falling into the sandbox in the new server factors. By the way we mention, for independent IP website search engine to give the attention will be higher, after all, few people take it at the garbage station independent of the IP.

              three: website frequently