is very important, but not enough to decide the search engine to determine the content of a web page. When it comes to "Shanghai Dragon Art" in a Book: "navigation on a page is generally not unique, so it can’t help the search engine to determine the unique content." In the words of Wang Shifan, it is because the navigation links are common in many web pages, so the search engine and then decide the content of the page is not taken into account.

love Shanghai Encyclopedia of Shanghai dragon, Wang Shifan that is too general. Should from two aspects: one is the definition of Shanghai dragon, Shanghai dragon from the professional point of view, the Shanghai dragon professional personnel; the other is from the customer’s perspective for Shanghai dragon, Shanghai dragon customer groups.

1. from Shanghai Longfeng perspective, how to define the meaning of Shanghai dragon

3. Keywords tag, description tag

mentioned two points, we should learn and absorb the Shanghai dragon. First, the relevance of the link. This gave me the inspiration as a webmaster and Shanghai dragon forum only as simple keywords and attract crawling our website, improve website ranking function is more and more small. Second, extensive anchor text. The same anchor text, a thousand words, the website.


in the description on the label, not on the search engine, but it also has a role in the body, it can be obtained from a section click on the search results list, so the relative value.

2. in the search engine judgment or definition of website content, navigation links

Wang Shifan believes that in China, many workers will be Shanghai dragon in writing the three labels, but also seriously one by one to fill in. In fact, with the passage of time, the three major label status change. We use keywords to spend time studying out only need to add to the site need not fill in the title, Keywords tag, label position gradually because of the keyword search engine down.


team decided to the Dragon Boat Festival collective rest three days, so Wang Shifan decided to buy the book a trip back home. A few days earlier on Taobao bought the "Shanghai Dragon Art", in the home on the train is turned over, draw several key parts, and then go home repeatedly read focus, carefully try to figure out. Now think of this part of Wang Shifan thinks the essence and key place to share to you, if you have any questions, but also hope.

How to handle ?The book is on the

"Shanghai Dragon Art" a book from the perspective of professional definition of Shanghai dragon Shanghai Dragon: "Shanghai dragon is the influence of relevance of query results and process of." See this sentence, Wang Shifan suddenly feel the author’s strong, one sentence Wang Shifan belly to express the meaning, but also easy to understand.

?The definition of Link analysis

4. "Shanghai Dragon Art" mentioned, what is worth paying attention to