the above two parts required to write in the meta webpage as well.

; the name of the enterprise; ?


in addition, some sites also need some special effects to meet the customer’s eye, usually with JS or more advanced jQuery with CSS style implementation, which requires that the JS code section to separate JS file storage, to call the JS file in the form of expression in the web page.

from the perspective of optimization, not only the webpage in the title bar can be users visually see the title, also includes information on the optimization function of meta, which is the main key words and describe the work, also called for a different set of. Keywords and description is better understood, each page what keywords, with what, but also require specific settings.

is the title of the site, including not only the website home page, but the entire site each face of the user page, from the optimization perspective, each page should have a separate title and content, in order to maintain the single content, also is the entire station not repeatable.

page or column page title classification structure: " column name or category name " " "

in addition to the two code, also need to pay attention not to frame in the form of writing, because the search engine can not read within the framework of content.

Two, ; the name of the enterprise;

page title structure: " Web page to optimize the keywords of " " "

content page or product page title structure: " news headlines or product name " " "

; the name of the enterprise;

in the Internet website work has been more than seven years, including the direction of web application, art design, editing, optimization, and computer maintenance, space domain sites etc.. In these years of work, for the enterprise web site level is deep, especially contact Shanghai dragon after optimization, have in-depth knowledge of the overall structure of the site design, and used to obtain good results. Need a website optimization of enterprise website should be how to design the structure of the site


at this stage, most of the site code structure for div+css expression, content and style, make the page structure is not deep, so that search engine spiders read more smoothly, and the old table structure has basically been replaced, because the table structure is too complex and not conducive to the environment of competition. Div+css website, according to the optimization requirements, need to separate CSS part write CSS file, to call the CSS file in the form of expression in the web page.

site title structure

, a website code structure