home is not a reason in the first is often, especially long time station webmaster is a look at the home page snapshot, ranking as wind sways grass can from all aspects to find the reasons, so I according to some reasons they are familiar with, start one by one to see if we can find the reason.

as everyone knows when we were in the weight analysis, a web site, especially in the first home page is important is, in the past the SITE home page is not the first site we often do not exchange with Links, my website Chinese pesticide talent network (www.nzrcw贵族宝贝) has been in operation for many years because the ranking is also good, love. Shanghai has a certain weight, in exchange Links process also attaches great importance to the exchange of a chain, the weight is high, ranking good, excellent operating for a long time the formal site. If under normal circumstances, there could be a large area of drop right phenomenon.

: a step by step control home is not the first

3:IP addresses the frequent changes of

1: the site was linked to horse or poisoning

then this phenomenon is now really emerged, and the fierce storms make people panic, fear has suffered, then immediately open the site, analysis of the problems.

for several reasons


In my analysis of this site when the chain of

: a large number of friends of the chain of home is not the first let the shocking

website cheatingThe >

site is cheating can easily lead to the home page is K or even total station is K, is my Links in this situation? Think there may not be the case, because the first of these sites are stable for many years ranked good operation site, already bid farewell to the need to maintain the operation of cheating so, analysis of key words for each site are piling up, whether the chain software release traces, did not find the relevant traces, the reason can be ruled out.

recently, suddenly appeared a large number of test results "is not the first home page" the red words deeply stimulation, why there are so many Links also have this phenomenon? Will not let my site also suffered a series of problems in trouble? I began to go analysis of the causes of such problems and possible consequences.



is the most easy to cause web trojan website right down there, after the performance of the site was linked to horse general: stop updating the snapshot, the page has been K, long time no treatment after ranking a lot of drop, which there is a performance from his home after the first fall. So I open the link each site, problem analysis code, and simulate the robot crawl, did not find any horse phenomenon and improper words, ruled out the site was linked to horse or cause poisoning.