three: whether the website promotion has certain effectiveness. The chain of information content, also need to have a certain degree of quality. So, in order to get the search engine included, to help the site. The role of the chain in decline, but its importance, or can not be neglected. Strong chain, the weight of the website promotion association of

from the following aspects, that after the Shanghai dragon road, will be more difficult to walk. The increase will gradually matched the requirements specification to the effective site.

: a website access speed. The server is a virtual space bearing sites, servers need to support. Now the Internet users need is fast-paced, can know the moment. When access to the site, more than five seconds in the cache, may direct the closure. Therefore, the server access speed is timely, directly affect the site;

Shanghai dragon road, seems to be lost, let a person have a kind of elusive feeling. Such as search engine algorithms, in the continuous adjustment. Accordingly, the effect of the web site has been poor. Thus, greatly reduce the site optimization personnel mentality, to dispel the enthusiasm of some. In this way, the better will affect the site. Therefore, the current Shanghai dragon, whether has entered the "Hutong"


Shanghai dragon, is a long and boring work, need to have some patience. Then, to develop efficient optimization scheme, and practice. This will make certain effect. The optimization is not easy, need a comprehensive. Thus, the effect will gradually appear. Especially at the early stage of the optimization of personnel, more need to focus on these basic points. Optimize the way at present, would be more difficult. If a little attention, may make the site into the alley, in a stagnant phenomenon. This article from: 贵族宝贝shop.xinhuacang贵族宝贝

two: website content is readable. This point is the most attention of visitors. The need to understand the product information content. Then, will have the desire to buy. Compared to the content is the introduction of products, like the appearance of fruit. The surface of things, there is the possibility of understanding, will be the next action;

The current