1: sign rule 2: digital rule


is used to reveal the answer, unexpected results, the long-awaited event

modified: God skills, the people of India and the hanging

9: exposed thigh Rule 10: key contradiction rule


! . The symbol

the following 15 major title law is reading article summary from more than 1000

exclamation case:

13: rule 14: rule

through the use of questions to attract attention to the readers’ interest to ask, thus, try to put narrative sentence into a rhetorical question, that is expected to significantly strengthen the core content, more prominent questions, but also easy to resonate

induction for many beginners do not quite understand, and then combined with the specific case analysis


Of course, this

ellipsis highlighted the good suspense, about to speak, but saying nothing left room for imagination full of

a good people from the media is a good "title party", on a good title will directly affect the amount of reading, the site visits, users will eventually affect the conversion rate. Some people say that the network marketing is not the absolute dry cargo is 100%, some soft, I think so, as long as we provide is the content of the user demand and value, I think it is a successful soft

5: Rule 6: down to earth law

3: bangdakuan Rule 4: know the body rule

a few people can put the title up in place, especially beginners need to continue to exercise to try, through the data analysis of user feedback to adjust. Statistically, 10 out of 8 people will read the title, only 2 people will read the article. So we should spend more time in the title, because it directly determines the opening rate. So a good title is a small

also expressed surprise, for praise, anger, sad sigh, such strong feelings, can generally cause the attention of people with this symbol, help you brain emotion


comment: before the amendment is an open.

11: human weakness rule 12: Chase hot rule

7: recognition rule 8: the user through the rule of

is highly abstract, expression of abstract concept can help the readers to fill out the brain contains emotion, in addition: people are born to have the very strong symbol recognition, so use can play a good effect in the title.

1: Sign Rules

: India three before the revision of what God is there

15: inventory rule

exaggerated condemnation