website is no money webmaster headache, now what are in need of money, if a website run without money, then the state could not support the too long time, so the first thing is to change the webmaster, how to find the money? I suggest there are two points: one is to sell the long-term benefits in exchange for money, as long as we now have a website traffic, then we can go to sell, I do a local class life site before site traffic every day is more than 200, depends on this more than 200 traffic I sold 20 thousand yuan, 20 thousand yuan and that makes me temporarily out. The two is to seek support, we have no money does not matter, as long as there are people who support us on the line, every industry has its own website support, and do a good job in this support is particularly important. For example, your site is a kind of local real estate website, there are now some rankings, but lack of funds, this time we can own website implement separation system, sell some of them, I think as long as your site traffic is a lot of local real estate companies will buy, you see the key how to operate.

throughout its development has entered a stalemate, such as previously popular Taobao guest website is now basically stalled, so there are many local websites, industry websites. Why most websites entered a state of stagnation? Look at the development of these sites lack more resources to help the site from the bottom up.

we can see now parts of the site because there is no local connections, without strong financial support, the site is now already in the state can be suspended in midair, appeared in most of the webmaster is a pressing matter of the moment immediately to recruit, help site to re unite what is more flourishing, specifically

no money, then go to invigorate the promotion of

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Most sites now

no contacts, then dig three thousand feet

, a web site is the most important capital and contacts, lack of the two things I think your website.

no contacts that your mining efforts were not enough, as long as we are native to the area, or our website is after a certain stage, if in this case there is no network of the most direct is to use relatives and friends. Why some sites now operating on the relatives and friends to pull resources, I have a friend when doing the tourism website, the website business rarely, he later by a distant cousin cousin as a chief of the Tourism Bureau, this friend of mine on the head of a year profit ten, what explains from: one is no contacts will have to do to find anyone, relatives and friends, the key is to learn and find the rational mining; two is the site of a profit after to share, someone to help you is not free, you have to be willing to part of the profits to maintain this part of the money or open up broader relations.