(two) notes the registered blog.

4, NetEase blog.

(a) the free blog daquan.

3, love Shanghai space.

1, sina blog.


8, watercress blog.

(three) a reasonable set of blog.


we do when the chain blog, the first step must be to find a blog. With the development of the Internet, blogs are more and more types of large Sohu to Sina blog, blog. It is small to some small forum portal blog, so here we are more selective, but some included is not very ideal, so I recommend some free blog today and their collection, hope to help you master.



do Shanghai Longfeng believe that every webmaster all know, we do in Shanghai dragon in the optimization process, in addition to the optimization of the site within the chain, there is an essential work, so how to obtain the high quality of the chain will undoubtedly become the most concerned about every webmaster, exactly what kind of chain is on Optimization of the most useful? Of course is above suspicion doubt the chain blog, soft outside the chain, the chain, the chain Q & a forum of the. But today I want to share with you is a blog outside the chain, because the chain blog is simple enough, as long as some registered account can be released, and the search engine to give the weights, included are relatively good, so I think the chain blog is the most hold live outside the chain. Well, not wordy, here to share some experience with you.

2, Sohu blog.

9, Alibaba blog.

6, blog bus.

blog in Settings >

do stand in these years, many webmaster found quite when doing the blog, blogs are often arbitrarily set, including some selective random fill in the following registration is good, but the real will find the blog, do blog webmaster, often is we need to pay attention to details. For example, when we registered blog first to give our blog a more attractive blog name, and fill in all settings in text data, we also need to set up a reasonable site for their own blog of a template for simple and generous. The other is that some blogs can set a custom domain name, we can set up a simple and easy to remember, which makes users better remember our blog. Then after a series of work well after the details of our blog, even the official line.

is the author of more than nine in regular use, but also feel good included and weight.