third, isolated a keyword offer no meaning. If you want to optimize the 3 keywords, price may be 3000. But if you choose to optimize a keyword, offer or 3 million. So, when the need to optimize more keywords, optimization is not a summary of the sum of the price of a single keyword. In the optimization of practice, in fact often encounter this situation, you may optimize a keyword, long tail keywords will also rose, which belongs to the free rider, riding the zero cost optimization has become a keyword.

love Shanghai auction, formed the price of keywords. The formation mechanism of this price is all competing bid, the highest bidder. But those who did not buy love Shanghai bidding keywords, also has a price. If you go to the network optimization company, so that they will be a key word optimization to the first page by Shanghai Longfeng way, they will offer a price. This price is how come?

I think that Shanghai offer the main consideration factor is the two dragon keywords.

second, different keywords for different companies, different cost optimization. This is a very good understanding, some companies may be more experienced, so the optimization cost is low, and some companies may need to spend time time and a lot of human. So, we will find that to optimize the company’s different for the same keywords price difference is quite large.

is not a good answer to this problem. We put aside in the. We assume relevant websites for a keyword quotation is reasonable. Then, we offer for web site keywords, there is such a few understanding.

according to the author’s observation, generally through the relevant website and the appropriate fare to. Then, the relevant website is how to get such a price? The answer is how to get to the price problem, also involves the price formation mechanism.


is a reference price keyword bidding to love Shanghai. Buy love Shanghai auction, a keyword search results.

for several Shanghai Longfeng keyword prices about

fourth, there is no market price and the city are priceless. Some key words is illegal, then how to optimize can not be ranked in the home, which belongs to the city are priceless. Keywords and its home page has been the basic bidding coverage, not ranking to the first page by Shanghai dragon, which belongs to the city are priceless.

first, different prices for different keywords. This is a no nonsense, for sure. Because different keywords heat, difficult to optimize the different lead optimization to the first page of the cost is different, therefore, almost every one of the words have a range of price.

After determining the

mentioned above, we can basically understand Shanghai Longfeng keyword prices is how to form, some web site is based on what to give keywords quotation.