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has recently witnessed a new hasty painful process on the line, can be described as twists and turns! When, just on the line of surprises, love the day of Shanghai website, Google included second days, and two gods is updated every day, sometimes even is the second love Shanghai. Soon after, no longer love Shanghai, K off the website home page, Google is no longer included. After more than 20 days, fell in love with the sea only intermittently gives the page snapshot, Google is still not improved. (this is the site’s home page snapshot love Shanghai History)


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: this problem is mainly aimed at new sites in the site level flat do is in place. Some of the new web level is too deep, the search engine needs after several cycles to grab the end page. However, the search engine is generally not as good as the patience of the new station, so it is easy to cause the new content can not be well indexed by search engines.

no matter from a personal point of view, or from the company’s point of view, want to make the website on-line as soon as possible. For individuals, the website can bring a sense of accomplishment on the line as soon as possible. For the company, one day earlier on the line, it means a day earlier profit. Indeed, under normal circumstances, can make the website quickly on-line, meets everybody wishes. However, there is an old saying: eat hot tofu

will be on the line, we are very excited mood. However, for advise webmaster friends must hold your hand to hold the Boss impulse, "coercion". Oh! This one, we should Study hard "occupation spirit of the most beautiful driver Wu Bin". Everything in the future development of web

confirmed that the new line

is!The six important problems of

, the first web site is search engine friendly

new station on the line before, owners must Hold


eat hot tofu! Don’t be hasty new on-line

, www.uwee.net of the new Shanghai history

new station on the line before, you need to check whether the site keywords have been completed layout. Usually, the keyword of the website is divided into three layers to set. The placement of the core keywords, channel and column page placed two keywords, long tail keywords placed the content page.


second, keywords layout is

individual website rush on the line, not.

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third, whether the site test in common browser on

I believe we saw above, can feel for frustration and pain. After this time a painful experience, for the small sum, and strive to learn, next time no longer suffered the same experience. I borrow A5 this treasure, released, hope to be helpful to the big guy.