with Google exit China market, domestic Google users are less and less, forming a search engine like Shanghai a dominant situation, so that Shanghai Longfeng workers will focus on the love of Shanghai. But Google’s PR value or the value of the PR value update, although not before, but the overall level of website evaluation to pr. As a site of the PR value is more than 4, so that the construction of the site has a certain level.

The reference index

is based on the evaluation of the PR value is outside the chain of quality and quantity of site decision, the quality of the chain is the chain of correlation depends on the survival time and the website and the content of our website, so the higher the PR value, that the higher the quality of our chain website amount is more, the higher the value of our website. The high quality of the chain construction is the biggest difficulty, if a website PR value reached more than 5, so that the site is very good, because only do good website, your site will appear on the site as much as possible. If the author of the website PR2, the chain is 1440.

In the past


weight Shanghai official, is the evaluation of the third party website gives. But for the love Shanghai Shanghai dragon optimization, the core is also the chain and the original, the two aspects of the work of our website will lead to the ascension of the PR value, the PR value from a certain extent is an important index for evaluating the effectiveness of our Shanghai dragon, can I have the evaluation period of work. As the author of the station cool 90 community has changed from PR0 to PR2, that I work in this stage there is a certain effect.


Love is not love Shanghai

swap chain

evaluation of the overall level of



the PR value update, if our PR value rise, so that the stage within our work is fruitful. Shanghai dragon core work is the original + the chain, no matter what kind of search engine, only adhere to the original and high quality of the chain can make our website to get good rankings in search engines, and adhere to the original and high quality of the chain can let our website PR value promotion. Improve the PR value at the same time, our website ranking in other search engines will also have the corresponding improvement.

in the stage

webmaster for PR and crazy, but as Google withdrew from the market Chinese, PR value are ignored by people, and even some owners believe that the PR value has no what role. But in my opinion, that the PR value or a certain value. Today, Google PR has been updated, the cool 90 community station from PR0 up to PR2, how much the heart can give some comfort. Overall, the PR value still has a certain value.

evaluation of the effectiveness of