for example, we went to buy a movie station advertising, 500 yuan monthly, you are going to do Adult supplies sales, may be a month to sell Adult supplies profit is not 500 yuan, may sheben, because few moviegoers to Adult supplies of interest.

in 2012, with the release of Siri, there was a wave of China’s copycat, except for a few big factories, and most of them soon went out. Over the past one or two years, with the depth of learning, knowledge map up again. I think most of them are "speculation" concept, the ability to appear above the technology can be eliminated within two or three years.

manufacturers launched the degree of secret, wheatgrass, Cortana, shlf1314, Now, as well as Sogou, Jingdong, Tencent and so on all kinds of products, technology has its own amazing places. How about the future, and it’s hard for me to evaluate it now. Question answering system of six levels: basic search, word association, ontology knowledge base, short and long term relationship relationship, based on context free quiz, now we can only do the basic short-term relationship, long-term relationship more than.

monthly, now basically has become history, in some small, there are still some statistics such as monthly advertising, station advertising, are monthly, this is how you use these small advertising.

How does

I think this item belongs to typical system integration innovation and is only suitable for the strategic layout of dachang. The big factory doesn’t care about the cold start of the scene. The start-up company, whether it is technical chain length, or business model to start the difficulties, are beyond the general body mass. Now everyone wants to take a look at the question and answer, the personal assistant, and the goal. Large enterprises can play, for small businesses, want to subvert, can not go this way, the technology chain is too long, business model chain longer. Traditional search must be replaced by other ones, but it can not be the strength of a direct jigsaw puzzle.


I estimate China over the past few years, a variety of different names of the dialogue type "robot" company, from software to hardware, there are hundreds, maybe one thousand? Once encountered a company in a meeting, want to do this thing, want to find a "leader" to take the leadership of the more than 10 person. I think the company may significantly underestimate the difficulty of doing this: the "leader" may not be more than 20 in China, perhaps only 10? More than 10 people will be difficult to make a commercially available system. There is a so-called leader, experienced, and want to rebuild the project, nor is it possible to work in the short run. There’s really no shortcut to this.

2, by the toll stage.

maximize the use of monthly ad positions?.

and then write the ad for adult products on , and then the sales will go up.

but for the purchase of advertising people, this is a risky investment, it is possible to buy the value of advertising, it is possible to buy junk advertising, is the principal.

many people love in some of the more attractive station purchase monthly advertising, generally similar station monthly ads are bad, they do not lose money, because it is taken the form of , because take the form of , for those who have lady-killer an impulse, is this woman a color, immediately added, because I believe she is real, so might her consumer products or services.

well, I put one on the ad: "lonely young woman :236145666

in the past, if you want to stand in the portal or some small advertising, webmaster said, an advertising rental how much money a month, absolutely no counter-offer, in Sina, in 163, is to take this form. But basically, after the investment, the cost can not be recovered. There is an old webmaster in 05 years, bought 1 months of 163 search rankings, buy is the keyword is beautiful, is said to be a day is 200 thousand search volume, in fact, every day brings less than 8000IP IP, refund is not refundable.

1, monthly salary

monthly advertising for the webmaster, they are certainly profitable, because this month whether the traffic is much, their monthly advertising is good.

is bidding advertising, pay per click advertising, should be said to be in accordance with the charge of advertising, is produced by the user is the intention of the user, this is a kind of promotion advertising, advertising is the second level, the general business or product promotion or sale of products in the network, are take this form, this is a kind of progress, but also a kind of selling party responsible attitude, everything is in accordance with the need of development, who is the demand, the demand is competing with advertisers, advertising, advertising on the service side

I do two years’ personal assistant in a factory, and later on his own, first denied the direction, or its variants such as QA system, intelligent speakers, customer service robots, robot, robot and so on to accompany chat, have their own hardware and software version, hereinafter referred to as the Chatbot.

climb the tech tree, not overnight,

can buy this monthly ad on Ali’s mother now.

said, "I’m pessimistic about a few hot spots in this round of artificial intelligence — voice personal assistants, question answering systems, and vision based automatic driving.". I think this "quasi Turing test" products are beyond the current frontier of profitability, large-scale applications is unrealistic. The exception is that the government especially the military and some big companies do not take the local layout after ten years of targeting. Other people eat melon, onlookers like.