with more entrepreneurial process, from the initial entrepreneurial direction key to enterprise strategic transition, in the process of play to the Tencent under the shadow of difficult growth in Lei played angel, mentor, capitalists, division multiple roles. But if there is no Li Xueling’s down-to-earth and entrepreneurial passion, and trust to Lei Jun, today the play will develop into what, no one will know.

in 1998, Li Xueling in China Youth Daily internship, wrote the first report is about Jinshan negative news, even later and Lei Jun relationship is very good, but still on his curse. Lei Jun said in an interview, he seemed at the time, Li Xueling is an opinionated person, and not be confused by anything. "He also wants to think about it as a technical enthusiast and enthusiast. He criticized our things, or on the point, very deep."

, however, seven years of entrepreneurship, Li Xueling acquired more than just the initial investment Lei Jun $1 million, Lei Jun harvest is not only more than 200 times the return.

Li Xueling is Lei eyes "maxima".


      see the formula we analyze, formula which has two variables, that is to say that the two variables determine your income, so to improve the income, must from the two variables to start, we summarize the following formula:

      recently studied Adsense; finally learned a money making rule; according to this rule, you should optimize Adsense and increase your income. This rule is very simple, that’s the following formula:

is also a teacher and a friend,

"My favorite investment is starting from scratch, looking at future trends, finding the right people and thinking about how to do it,"

when Li Xueling left NetEase in 2005 determined to start business, but and "Bole" Lei Jun different views. Li Xueling, a media source, wants to redo the media in UGC’s way and insists on doing RSS blog subscriptions. But Lei Jun thinks this market is too small, commercial space is more

closer to the NASDAQ is not just the era of togetherness CEO Li Xueling. Seven years ago to invest $1 million more gathered era predecessor angel investor Lei Jun, will usher in "Lei" in the first listed company.

      the first said the price of reason, the price is determined according to the advertising provider for the keyword money Laiding, this looks like we can about a point; also is the user what keyword advertising, we now know the price high and low key problem, then how to display keywords high?
  price optimization measures:    
      the Adsense background advertising shielding. The Adsense advertising screen function is used to give us shield those who do not want to display the competitive website, can Chinese webmaster always very clever, they know some often display key price is particularly low after the site will take them as the competition website to advertisements to shield the blacklist, alas China webmaster sometimes too clever, and especially the greedy, not only do not want to display the advertisement advertising limbo filled the entire page, they do have high income, in fact, this is just the modus operandi of novice to do advertising, but shlf1314 also do not agree that we to do that, how can we really do a high price advertising business?
      the delete redundant advertisement. Generate multiple display location channels, in certain channels click rate is less than 0.01%, the unit price is less than 0.01$advertising kill, do not show! I deleted all the ads. How many ads should I put in? I’ll tell you the answer and the reason. Just put an ad on the page enough. All the advertisers in the world want to show their ads where the user is most likely to see them

Lei Jun in the industry has a well-known metaphor: "standing in the Taiwan air outlet, a pig can fly."". His understanding is that successful entrepreneurs have two important things: a good entrepreneur, maxima is a good opportunity for "typhoon".

said. The company that runs like this looks risky, but it has a solid foundation and is easier to succeed. Such as where the customer, such as play."

and Lei Jun Li Xueling, the play may be a "a heaven-made match". After the evolution of multiple relations, the two people at the moment are "happy and common", "era of togetherness", "major shareholder". This legend, in the fickle Internet arena, can continue to deduce how long?

      1; unit price

togetherness era prospectus shows that the company chairman Lei Jun and CEO Li Xueling held 23.8% shares of the era of togetherness, and is the largest shareholder. It was calculated that if more than $1 billion valuation calculation, the value of the stock held by Lei Jun to play for $238 million, return on investment as high as 238 times.

      revenue = unit × browser /1000