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1, with SEO as a garbage station. What is a garbage station? My definition is "not designed for users, websites designed specifically for search engines."". These sites don’t last long and may get a lot of IP from Se in the short term, but the K station is a sure course for this type of web site. But we can’t totally ignore this direction, and a lot of IP can still be operated in the short run, although I don’t agree with this kind of website.

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sh419 didn’t flow, I did not give up the site completely, still from time to time to update, but no previous work; the old station, or to rely on shlf1314 every day I 4000ip about the flow, because the website content is not suitable for GGAD, put a click on the ads, every day is more than 10 rmB. Of course, this old station is not my focal point now. But this website, I will not give up, at least I can guarantee that the next 5 years even if sh419 is not included, I will still be for its renewal, not for anything else, just because this old station records I have experienced some The imprint is engraved on my heart.

brand promotion on the use of these moves, in July activities reduced 500-1000 yuan

2, with SEO do regular station. The content of this kind of website is the website that the user really needs, want to optimize excessively only, se is very fond of. The way to make money is with all kinds of advertising alliances, including GGAD, sh419 promotion, as well as many small and medium League, Ali mother and so on. Those who use advertising revenue to maintain the development of the website can be classified as such.

kind of noble talk about SEO theory is not the result I want. I can’t be a great master, but I can’t be the one who doesn’t want to make money, because I’m not so noble as not to lack money. Here, float easy to share with you my personal direction on how to make money through the SEO media:

did not come into contact with SEO, naive, guarding their own daily seven thousand or eight thousand IP days, one month has thousands of dollars of income, then sh419 haven’t k off my those old station, was also satisfied. And so on, one day, sh419 k my station, I found that the "master" is taught the method is wrong, simply pile up keywords, not K station, just strange.

again, learning SEO and understanding SEO to operate SEO, our purpose is not for SEO, but for seo. I think SEO is just one way for us to succeed. Stone money version of the slogan says: "love money is vulgar, not love money is false. A little better than hypocritical vulgar". Through SEO, we can actually earn more money is our ultimate goal.

, now, network marketing has become one of the industry’s hot. More and more enterprises and individuals have realized the necessity of developing network marketing, meanwhile, a large number of network marketing service enterprises have emerged as the times require. Whether for enterprises or individuals, or network marketing services, before carrying out network marketing, it is necessary to carry out targeted network marketing analysis. Through network marketing analysis, using data and reality to guide yourself to carry out network marketing steps, can effectively improve the efficiency of network marketing. To brief you on the seven kinds of network marketing analysis direction, combined with various directions, you can make a relatively objective and accurate network marketing analysis.

1, domain name analysis a good website, first of all have a good domain name. As a network marketing analysis, first of all from the target object domain name start. Domain name analysis is the core of network marketing analysis, because domain name plays an important role in network marketing activities. The domain name is selected to be modified once, is the project a lot of injured in the sinews or bones, you need to work related to network marketing. Therefore, in the domain name selection, we must be careful, and more contrast and analysis. We can query the domain names through the domain name query function provided by OnlineNIC website onlinenic/chinese. Including inquires the domain name whether has been registered, inquires the domain name registration information two big functions. Whether it has been registered registered a can also query the three domain name prefix, can also query the,.Net,.Org, China.,.,. Net,.Tv,.Cc,.Info,.cn,.Net.cn,.Org.cn,.Cn,.Us,.Biz and other domain name suffix. Domain name analysis includes two main domains: domain name query and website domain name determination. Query by the relevant domain name of the domain name, domain name, alternative creative competitors such as domain name, can understand the situation and registered the domain name registration information, to determine the final is selected a registered domain name or domain name through the purchase transaction more optimistic about the registered domain names. This is a more influential domain name trading and value-added services forum, namely Nets’s easy domain Forum: eachnic/club.

2, site analysis is the basis of network marketing website. Generally speaking, the network marketing is good, and its website is definitely more ideal. How to analyze a website is ideal? If there are deficiencies, how should we improve it?. These questions need to be answered through web analytics. To introduce you to a better website analysis website: World Network linkwan/gb/. This is a professional website that provides Web testing and analysis services. Through the world network >