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‘s digital currency, headed by bitcoin and ethereal currencies, has topped the market value of $90 billion. If it is regarded as a currency of a country, it ranks fifty-sixth in the world in terms of aggregate monetary aggregates. Not long ago, Japan’s regulators also decided to use bitcoin as a legitimate means of payment, which is the world’s first developed countries formally adopted a positive policy stance on encrypted digital currencies.

in their early ready to launch this project, they more reference to the similar foreign products mode, the focus for business travelers, looking for several cooperation hotel in a city, the establishment of online payment system, the use of prepayment mode. As a result, for a period of time, the operation is very bleak, and the daily orders can be counted by fingers. At first they felt that the direction was right, but that something had gone wrong. It was not until half a year later that they finally came to an end. But half a year has been wasted.


"lean entrepreneurship" is the solution given in this book, MVP. That is to say, it is feasible to test your product or direction quickly through designing experiments when the market is uncertain. If your hypothesis has been validated and put into the market on a large scale, if not, then this is a quick trial and error, and adjust the direction as soon as possible.

Ethernet workshop is to support Contract Smart: a code that is distributed over a block chain. It is like transaction information. Once written to the block, the chain is hard to modify and automatically executes in accordance with predefined rules. It is this certainty that makes it an effective tool for managing and allocating digital assets. Almost every type of financial contract can be written in the form of an intelligent contract, which is trusted. For example, you can set up a global target and deadline in the smart contract. If the target is not completed after the date of arrival, the funds raised have been automatically returned to the investors. Intelligent contracts can achieve far more than this. Many developers have issued their own tokens Token with powerful intelligent contracts, a unit that creates new value storage on the block chain, and thus evolves a new financing model: ICO Initial>

actually, the book "lean entrepreneurship" was first recommended by Zhang Tao, the founder of public comment. In Central Europe, he took ">."

in general, there are two things you should do to start a business. First, you need to know what the user’s needs are; and, second, what solutions you can provide for such a requirement. In essence, these questions are unknown. If in all uncertain circumstances, hastily determine the direction of the whole company to lift the force, it is likely to appear like tonight’s Hotel Specials encountered at the beginning.

bitcoin in 2009 by self proclaimed Nakamoto Satoshi mysterious developers released, became the first widely used, and is currently the highest market value of the encrypted digital currency. Inspired by bitcoin, the 21 year old Russian Canadian Vita Lidtke · Butlin Vitalik Buterin from the computer science department of University of Waterloo in Canada dropped out of the creation of the Ethereum. The price of "Ether" has been on the roller coaster for the past year, soaring, tumbling, and fluctuating. In June 21st, the price of an American currency, Coinbase, was reduced from $319 to a low of 10 cents in an encrypted currency exchange GDAX.

‘s market capitalization of $90 billion

did all of the company’s efforts to make a product, but in the end no one used it, which is the biggest waste of start-up companies.

in 1637, the first economic bubble in history occurred in Holland. In the flower market, the tulip once caused the unusual crazy pursue, thus causes the tulip bulb to be in short supply, the price soaring. In 2017, Crypto Currency became the hottest topic in current global investment, and the growth rate was staggering. Bitcoin prices have risen by 420% in the past year, while the price of the currency has jumped by 1600% over the same period.

when Ren Xin later reflect on this period of entrepreneurial experience, draw a conclusion: start-up companies do all the power of the company to do a product, and finally no one to use, this is a real waste. Later, when he was learning to read CEIBS entrepreneurship camp "lean enterprise" this book of MVP Minimum Viable Product, referred to as MVP, namely "the minimum viable product" concept, the enlightened, he found a solution to the problems encountered at the beginning.

took this project for example, tonight hotel special offer, if he is a start to worry a lot of manpower and material resources, in cooperation with a large number of hotels on deep line, but the city, art dragon, Taobao and other online listing data sign over, concentrated on one page, even his own pocket for each room discount 100 block, you can do a very good experiment, testing whether the user needs such a service; if necessary, what kind of model is more in line with consumer habits. This would take one or two months to gain effective information and cost very little.

, I have a student, is the founder of the hotel tonight’s special Xin, in the recent and CEIBS entrepreneurship camp two students share, he talked about the initial business of an important lesson.

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