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April 1st, Anker IDG and A street electric sunwoda round nearly billion yuan investment.

two days ago in the "Kun Peng on sharing bicycle is still charging treasure has gorgeous debut melee sharing more money!" the general introduction of the sharing of charging treasure now in investment circles than sharing cycling is still attractive. A time attracted many onlookers and comments today, Kun Peng theory to specific talk about sharing charging treasure.

of course, access to financing also many, including magic treasure power in April 5th won the angel wheel unknown amount, Hi electric in April 10th won tens of millions of angel round investment.

April 10th, small and fast to melt the Pre-A round, the amount of up to 100 million yuan, investment institutions including the Tencent please note that Tencent!, Yuan Jing Road, capital investment, angel investor Wang Gang, Jinsha River venture, DT Capital, active capital.


!It is a "I find this round of investment calls technology more positive," says Yuan Bingsong, founder of


first, the new darling of the investment circle, did not catch up with shared bikes are surrounded by

personal website business don’t fear the technical threshold in Web 2 wave drive, the Internet seems to be back to 99 years when in 2000, the Internet was the most fiery. Many people are eager to start, feel that the Internet so good entrepreneurial environment, if you can not make a pot of gold will lose".



I had planned to write a group of "entrepreneurial brothers, go" article, give more friends still hesitate to entrepreneurial courage. Technology is one of the important factors in making these friends hesitate. Many people believe that the Internet is a high-tech industry, the realization of the creative website, the perfect function, as well as routine security maintenance, no need for strong technical force as a guarantee. It does not have too many skills, and is regarded as an insurmountable gap.

website is more and more low threshold of entrepreneurship

Internet rapid development in recent years. On the one hand, the emergence of a number of technology dependent Internet Co, has achieved success; on the other hand, the Internet technology is gradually becoming universal, so that the industry access threshold is decreasing. According to CNNIC data, the total number of Chinese websites has been close to 790 thousand.

China webmaster webmaster A Fei think station

, according to investors, there are dozens of shared charging treasure project is looking for investment. For example, electric bird, cloud punch, magic treasure, power, Hi, electricity and other players continue admission.

Benali’s English is Benelli, Italy, and also the longest in the world

April 5th, call technology announces $20 million A round of financing, by SIG and China red collar vote, nine venture capital and Scud chairman of the individual with the cast, "so far the largest amount of industry".

electric single journey for kupeng on fairly understanding, very good

Kun Peng of parenthesis, recently shared bicycle wind began to blow to the sharing of motorcycles, for example: last week, the main campus shared bicycle and Meng Xiaoming won the point of 10 million yuan investment in venture capital Guangrun; West Shanghai electric single received tens of millions of RMB Chinese manage capital financing.

car electric bicycle, is very popular in Japan, Kun Peng also have a theory, is the west electric single manufacturer Benali, not only superior workmanship, and riding up really Bel cool.

Kun Peng on checked, sharing project who suddenly concentrated charging treasure at the end of March at the beginning of April to get a lot of investment:

technology. "It’s all about having a chance to share a bike, but missed it."."

March 31st, the small electricity Yi Yuan Garden Network won the Jinsha River venture capital, Germany and the capital, the international institutions, such as foreign investors, tens of millions of angel investment.