Taobao, some sellers value the advantages of Taobao customers propaganda, but also attach great importance to this, so the Commission is relatively high and stable. But not all sellers will do so, not every industry will encounter such a seller, so we have to discuss today.

attracts sellers with a high commission, and then sells them at a very low commission or leads consumers to buy.

some sellers, on the one hand, need Taobao customers for their own products, on the one hand will rack their brains "deduction" Taobao customers Commission, here we look at their commonly used several strokes:

is similar to the above operation, and the only thing that is more difficult is that the customer service staff will be very careful to answer your questions, and will let you tell her own situation, such as height, weight and so on


now there are many webmaster in Wangzhuan industry, including Taobao off a few natural. When Taobao customers are determined to push the product project, the choice of which products to promote naturally become the most important. It was sure to say, choose the highest commission not to go home, if doing so, then this is belongs to you how the money lost. If you don’t know, here is a selection of the seller’s knowledge will be large. I saw many novice, including the old webmaster to push up the site, the relevant links launched to ignore, but do not know that every day in the loss of money, today to share with you, how to choose a good seller.

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on the first point how to select good projects, I believe many places, forums have even a lot of Wangzhuan tutorial, training are in a key piece of propaganda, and today is mainly about second points, is often easily overlooked, especially newcomers.


this is the same seller’s product. The product is similar. Do you see the problem? Yes, the Commission is a big difference. The seller’s approach is this: by the high commission of 50% Taobao to attract customers to promote products, but he may have this product that was not so attractive, but will put another low commission product planning is very detailed, and the price is even lower, at the same time will make it a low commission all products in the product page, or even the limited promotion, only one purpose, to encourage consumers to buy another product, and this product commission basically is very low, so as to let Taobao customers to promote the products, but also reduces the cost and profit maximization.

1, stealing dragon, turning Phoenix

we know about the principle, Taobao customer is very simple: 1, choose to do the project; 2, to the Taobao alliance backstage to find the seller; 3, promotion website, micro-blog, etc. 4 sellers receive commission through the link to buy products.


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