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has received wide attention and heated discussions on this issue. Among them, Zhu Jiyu, the highest number of votes, is his main point:


entrepreneurs are looking for VC, VC’s favorite question is, "what are you going to do if you follow the Tencent project and almost completely replicate it?"

first let you know the domestic league dynamics,


is not the first, either this or that! In this world some things, one is enough, and some things, is there a, give you one more choice is good. For example, communication tools, one is enough, and more useless, but like BBS forum, then a good, every atmosphere will be different.



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farm thing, you can change a more popular point of view. There are several casinos in the world, only to start playing cards, suddenly one day, you start to play a new > in their own small casino.

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Lianzhong’s death, what reason is because of the Tencent, or two said, if there is a good community at the helm, it should be the development process with reference to grand and 4399 small game, this is not the way to go put up the shutters. If Tencent blocked the road of Lianzhong, and forced it to a dead end, then the grand and 4399 two patterns how to survive and grow,

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therefore, the best choice for small companies is to do the latter. When the Tencent comes to grab the market, its large-scale entry will greatly enlarge the market space and make more people accept this new thing. They don’t rob your market, they help you expand the market. So you can follow it and use its rapid expansion to achieve your expansion. As long as you can make your own personality, users usually choose to try your services while using the Tencent service. Therefore, in the user’s efforts, as long as to make their own characteristics, will be able to retain large numbers of users.

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second, see the nature of competition. As far as I know, in the past ten years, the real Tencent has been eaten, with a well-known company, but also Lianzhong one. This time, there will be some more with me happy farm example. Let’s talk about them together, though one is an enterprise, and the other is just a small product.

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users in the world need only one thing very few, and so so many years, Tencent really trampled on the few companies, but rather a lot of Tencent can use the competition, and better develop themselves. Such as BBS, portal, shop these, users naturally like more than one, more than one choice. Even if like gadgets, such as complex operating system tools this just shows that users see the simple and complex, in fact behind than simple operating system, the world would only live a. So, for what users can and cannot use what is a idiot thing ah! Most people can benefit from the Tencent in the competition.

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