? The opening price of

Huang Jiajia also said that after the listing, 51Talk will continue to expand the brand influence and increase the number of users increased in K12 referring to the kindergarten to grade twelve in market penetration, according to the prospectus, 51Talk K12 users have contributed nearly half of the revenue in the first quarter of this year, compared to last year increased by about 50%.

second: are you interested,

network takes time, so I suggest to participate in the work of the people not to resign, if the student is not required, to build a web site and earn profits from, not a very simple thing, the first station belongs to the category of Taobao customers I built, from the site to set up in key words the front page of sh419 and began a total profit in a month’s time, of course, is not a lot of money, would deal with the establishment of the cost, because this station is suspected of cheating, and rarely update and change the sh419 ranking algorithm, not very front. So, if you do not go the wrong door words, have at least a few months, when it depends on many factors, you need to do market research, website construction, writing content, promotion, these are not able to finish at one thirty, I is a typical representative to participate in the work, my day is the formal work, night spare time for the network to make money, earn money from the Internet when I can pay my life time, I will resign.

: the first prerequisite Wangzhuan

as of now, 51Talk is already the third Chinese listed company in the US in 2016. Since 2015, a number of foreign listed Chinese companies have been selected for privatization, seeking domestic listing, but because of rumors

51Talk was $19.50, which closed below $19 at the closing price of US stocks today. The closing price was $18.98, or 0.11%, and the company’s market capitalization was $373 million. Shares rose by 10% in the session.

online English education institutions 51Talk listed on the first day of stock price "bleeding"

51Talk is a core business for online English one-to-one coaching company that allows users to communicate directly with foreign teachers online, shortening the distance of user teaching and lowering the educational threshold. According to its prospectus, the tuition fee for one to one English courses is about $5 per minute for 25 minutes.

, the company in November 2011 on-line, has received from the real fund, DCM, Shun and Sequoia investment, has a good financing background. As of 2015, the number of active students was 87 thousand, with a net income of $24 million.


among them, marketing spending is one of the reasons for the loss of 51Talk, from 2013 to 2016, the cost of marketing has risen from about 17 million yuan to 297 million yuan. The online education market competition is an important reason why the market marketing costs remain high, but still CEO Huang Jiajia told the media that he still has confidence after the listing will be the proportion of marketing and market spending down.

on the morning of June 11th, the online English education brand 51Talk was listed on the nyse. But the stock price performance is not satisfactory.

from the data published in the prospectus, although from 2013-2015, 51Talk’s net revenue increased year by year, respectively 21 million 660 thousand, 52 million 210 thousand, 155 million yuan, but net losses continue to rise, reaching 17 million 800 thousand yuan, 111 million 700 thousand yuan, 327 million 100 thousand yuan.

, of course, is also interested in the network to make money, all starting from their own hobbies, like the students choose a professional, do not choose what kW hot, when I choose the major of international economy and trade, is that the name of the network to make money, a lot of nice, hot industry threshold is high, after all, you have to spend. Time, money and energy is certainly a lot, of course, if you have tens of millions of yuan, you can play like investment. Network money need a lot of things, not only do you need to do network research, product development needs, but also need to study the key words, write a lot of articles for promotion, if you choose the industry not you love, then you think, it is a life after you how sad thing.

however, 51Talk is still losing money and is unlikely to make a profit in the short term.

see a Henan guy website pretty, then I ask some friends with him, "polite" skills, he said to me, he is studying in a forum, and then put the site to me, when I open this website, found that SEO is a forum. A typical CPS, give me a website, let me register, then give him the Commission website, which is a typical way to make money online. Of course, it’s also a way to make money online.

make money online condition is to have a computer with internet access on the line, I admire most Internet entrepreneurs are college students, especially some senior school students, their free time too much, even if I fail. Just imagine: the University uses free time to make money through the Internet. It not only gets the knowledge of the system, but also realizes its economic freedom. So, many students pass the muddle along without any aim for three wonderful years, of course, I am one of them.

fourth: Wangzhuan construction >

third: can you hold on,

because of the sudden change in the domestic capital market, many Internet Co also had to continue under the premise of the U.S. investment market downturn, still listed in the United states.