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"actually, it’s not like 4399. It’s more like an investment fund.". So far, 4399 of the total exposure is disclosure obligations."

used to be obsessed with the micro-blog tuba, which is now compromised by the tuba,

but in this period, Cai Wensheng was obsessed with Sina and micro-blog and other large, high-level company, including Luo Haijian, Cao Zheng et al produce a rift, also foreshadowed the incident yesterday.

Canada, all by the broker to complete, all brokers need to test the card, I could never get the brokerage license, but this does not affect me to do real estate business, because some of these brokers with technical department in some sectors, it is indeed important, but for a point of view, they are actually the most passive, but produce the highest returns at least money.

it is worth noting that the big brother in the Internet field of the periphery, but also invested in the selection of cold knowledge, including the parent company, Fei Bo created together, as well as constellations and other non entertainment content company.

when a customer calls in, the back is very good to solve, understand the situation, with the broker on how to split, called broker with showings, the latter does not need me to manage.

Cai Wensheng replied in the first time that he quit the management of the 4399 game in 2013 and posted 128 million of his tax certificate.


below, I’ll tell you about a recent earned money:

on yesterday’s 4399 incident, the game daily CEO Song Pengzhan said in an interview, the list of informants listed basically have nothing to do with 4399.

if you don’t know what shlf1314 ADWORDS is, please search it first, or you can’t understand what the following article is saying.

Abstract: IT 2016 Hurun rich list, Cai Wensheng to 10 billion 500 million finalists this year, worth; Meitu Xiu Xiu listed in Hongkong, the stock price soaring, the market value was more than 90 billion, while Cai Wensheng was first nominated in 2017 Hurun global rich list, and became the richest man in Xiamen.

since 2011, 4399 profit of billions of dollars, in the company’s outstanding performance, Luo Haijian and Cai Wensheng in the company’s authority in the balance. At the same time, Cai Wensheng is addicted to micro-blog marketing, on the management of the company is less and less, two people have a lot of bad blood.

, a game industry analyst, Cai Wensheng apparently lies. "Do not say, like him on the Hurun list of the rich, even if it is an ordinary listed company, the president also knows that the tax can not escape tax."

this Monday, a Shanghai equity investment fund held a press conference in Beijing, real-name reporting/real-name whistleblowing 4399 game company before the big shareholders Cai Wensheng existing national tax evasion 360 million.

recently often ADMIN5, found a lot of Chinese webmaster does not know how to combine with the reality network to make money, love always rely on the so-called advertising, risk investment that rely on advertising itself in the China situation now is not very good, the risk of investment is not your money, I earn money is their own the money.

then, only the Cao Zheng home, a series of events Haijian Luo and Cai Wensheng exchange, also buried the 4399 game in the IPO before all kinds of contradictions.

on advertising is more accurate: put the following: Toronto city is mainly DOWN TOWN, North Yorkshire, and the Scarborough area, because these three places I am most familiar with, the actual price is to grasp the most clearly. And a rate of only Chinese in language, because if you choose English, foreigners call in I understand, but for foreigners from the language you can determine whether there is the intention of this I still underdeveloped, in order to avoid invalid >


so, what was the root of yesterday’s report,

I am more familiar with the

recently because of my roommate to become a Canadian real estate brokerage, often asked me to give him a business, so I registered a shlf1314 ADWORDS account to see if there is a small investment income.

, who used to control thousands of domains, is said to have been at his peak

Cai Wensheng is a famous Internet angel investor with Xue Zi, who has made a number of listed companies such as 58 city, storm video and so on. Mito listed, the value is skyrocketing.

All housing transactions


4399, the game company, was one of Cai Wensheng’s early success projects. In the company’s several take-off and transition process, Cai Wensheng’s contribution.

about the situation in Toronto area of Canada, several popular residential areas I have because of my roommate to do real estate piece, I am familiar with, so I in this part of the main street, a landmark as keywords, also called LENDING PAGES has done very simple, is to leave my phone well, some good housing price, here is a little skill, is LP on several model building, the price can be written in a little better than in other parts of the cheap, but the actual selling price is definitely not the price, because there are a lot of reasons: for example, with parking house, than not with the least expensive $30000 at the same time, the high level of each floor, more than 8 square feet per block, we offer all is not with parking, the lowest floor price, so there will be more The customer called to inquire.