A5: a good manager of Enron, welcome to Taobao A5 Passenger Section story shop. First introduce the vegetation in the heart, store up time, brand creation, development experience and the basic situation of it currently stores.


of vegetation in the heart: our brand for the match, only hope for people to enjoy, although not gorgeous appearance, also not only willing to compare expensive, is the best for you.

love: actively promote "micro public welfare" and set an example of

of vegetation in the heart:

High Commission: 70%

: the heart trusted "pure natural materials" the pursuit of health beauty

2012, I graduated. With anticipation of my dreams, I was on the road to job hunting. For the job, I always feel very simple at the beginning, work should be very easy to find. Because at school, I started doing part-time jobs and making small change. But when I really set foot on the community, I found that the work is not so easy to find. I remember graduation day, my parents took my quilt and other daily necessities moved home, and then the school can not live, because there are interviews in those days, so I did not go home for the time being. So, those days, in the Internet bar overnight, during the day to interview, at night to find Internet cafes to sleep. Three days later, I didn’t have a good job before returning home. After a short rest at home, I returned to Hangzhou to look for a job.

of vegetation in the heart: Hello! Our brand was founded in April 2010, in September of the same year, Taobao Tmall mall began operating, after several years of development in the heart has become Taobao skin care brand hundred shops, we store daily turnover in front of dozens of skin care category.

of vegetation in the heart contains 5 heart, also the core brand idea "is the vegetation in the heart of the five brand"

http://s.u.alimama/union/spread/selfservice/planDetail.htm? Spm= campaignID=2877152& shopkeeperID=18990385

was also thought for a long time, we mainly want to melt the gift of nature "

returned to Hangzhou, the first place to fix the guard. Then online resume, but occasionally there is a phone like no echo, that is to sell. Then began to run the talent market every day, at that time in July, the temperature of up to 40 degrees, staring at the sun, running east, West, a month down, has not yet implemented.

Hello, welcome to A5 Taobao Taobao shop section off the story, I’m A5 Enron, today we invited the guests is the vegetation heart flagship store manager xu. The vegetation of the heart’s flagship Green Tea Mask sales have reached the whole network first, how they promote their products? Their way to success and with what? Let us walk up! Explore the mysteries of vegetation in the heart of all net sales of the first

A5 Enron: what is the concept of brand management of vegetation in the heart? This "heart" is what special meaning? Why would take the name of the vegetation in the heart of

flagship store !The


but Taobao wasn’t that good. It was pretty hot too. Everybody’s doing Taobao. And I am not the professional origin, the experience in this area is 0. While in school with Taobao, it would be just for fun, there is no in-depth study. So, eventually, by learning the most basic Taobao knowledge, he began his real Taobao trip in September – selling nuts.

High Commission promotion code: want to promote please apply high commission plan


: sincerely provide diversified and good quality products at reasonable prices, the pursuit of rational consumption, sincerely treat every consumer

Ling’an hickory is our specialty here. Each year’s output value is billions of yuan, therefore, can profit from this one hundred million yuan output value one percent, also is the very considerable number. So, after picking up Pecan in his hometown in Ling’an, he formally processed himself and began selling at Taobao.

then rely on this method to operate a half months, sales have increased slowly.

concentration: transfer the pure natural colorful, through the combination of cutting-edge research and development ability and good natural essence, bring a "five sense" to experience the joy of

Thanksgiving: Guardian of the health of nature, the practice of "green life"

in 2012 that will be Taobao, although also very intense, but far from now so intense, brush sheet is not so serious. At that time, with a few keywords brush down, ranking can be very near. Remember at that time with two keywords, every morning, the middle and late brush, ranking second days to the first three pages, and after a few days continue to brush, ranking basically on the first page.

so, to my own understanding, you must have a reason, but I don’t know where the reason, no way to interview a half a month, or not, perhaps it is their work of underachievement, eventually give up the job, determined to start his career in Taobao

The name

I remember the first time to participate in Taobao activities, due to set up their own mistakes, cause the price of two kilos of nuts a pound, the event began, within an hour robbed, the busy rush, want to burst. Busy after, and then still consider whether to deliver goods, after all, the first event in the face of such a large amount of goods, lost a few thousand. Finally we got the goods. Lucky >