ten years down to work in the venture capital industry, Wu Haiyan threw a large number of outstanding entrepreneurs and the star company, she also summed up the experience of screening and mining entrepreneurs as first-class, whether she is how to do

first, entrepreneurs have a vision and industrial ideal. Entrepreneurs need to change their vision of the industry, hoping to do something for the industry, rather than just doing something.


second, entrepreneurs need strategic thinking ability. Where are the opportunities for entrepreneurship, what is the core competitiveness of the company, the strategy and speed of promotion, business model analysis, trends, have their own thinking, and can constantly adjust the thinking according to changes.

CRE capital managing partner Wu Haiyan

in Chinese, drops fast mode selection from the taxi, which is the first real traditional forces of cake, first to the taxi driver and passenger subsidies, changing user habits of the car, the popularity of APP drops fast down. Through the one billion level of subsidies, the initial purpose of achieving.

one, buy a ticket first

eligible car owners only pay a small amount of protection money, you can receive a car to become drops owners.

has dropped from taxis to special cars, and now offers partner programs to provide free vehicles. What the hell do you want,

invested in Han Han, not a writer,

left: MAGMODE’s founder Cai Chongda, ONE founder Han Han and Wu Haiyan at the annual meeting of

Wu Haiyan has summed up the 7 qualities she sees as a top class Entrepreneur:


, whether Han Han or Cai Chongda, let Wu Haiyan decide the first condition of investment, she found that: first, they are in line with her requirements of entrepreneurs.

drops at this stage, with car manufacturers, Citroen, BYD and Sega Qin Nissan sunny three models to join the program driver.

invested Han Han, Wu Haiyan said, "I’m not a writer."." Her friend, Zhang Xiangdong is the founder of CRE investment company 700Bike first to recommend Wu Haiyan "dada", is also the founder of Cai Chongda MAGMODE tricks, Zhang Xiangdong was said to Wu Haiyan: "I have a friend who is very famous, you need to meet." Before he met, Wu Haiyan began to collect information about Cai Chongda and study "why dada is a famous man."".

drops partners without buying a car, without loans, as long as the maximum payment of twenty thousand yuan deposit low only 15 thousand, you can get the car free road pick. Compared to the loan, buying a car for the first time, the highest investment savings of 38 thousand yuan.


and three years after the expiration of the contract, the vehicle may be owned by the owner, enjoy the residual value of the vehicle, while the owner can also choose to refund the margin, the car returned.

CRE capital

drops partner start-up program will be in Beijing, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Chengdu and Wuhan five cities first introduced. Participate in business partners only need to pay the highest pay 20 thousand yuan deposit, can be through cooperation with drops of automobile manufacturers receive a new car, sign labor contract and labor service company officially became a partner on the road drops orders.

Every day before

Han Han talked about his first meeting with Wu Haiyan. "There were several investors who took the ONE, but it took a long time to make an appointment with investors.". When we met, we talked a lot, but there was very little substance involved. Other investment institutions have to do some complicated steps. I don’t like these forms. Communication costs are too high."

After the popularity of app,

drops will provide partners with a reasonable commission incentive program to help partners achieve stable and high growth benefits.

she is professional, sharp and restrained. "It’s not necessarily about women, and some women are aggressive, too."." Two dimensional fire founder Zhao Guangjun said.

the Internet about car was originally an American up exotic, its essence is to challenge the current system of the right to operate a taxi. Make use of private car resources, and use the non taxi industry drivers to meet people’s demand for cars and create value.

drops at the same time, welcome veterans and laid-off workers joined the partnership business plan, and give them an additional 2000 yuan per car venture fund relief support for collective joining, the drops also support form the group, to provide additional subsidies.

founder Sui Guodong evaluation CRE another investment company, what is worth buying "Wu Haiyan," she touched by professional people."

Wu Haiyan is not a social investor, but from her investment case, she often manages a chain of friends. For example: "Zhang Xiangdong introduced dada Cai Chongda, dada introduced Han Han, and Han Han introduced many people."……" Finally, the CRE capital have become the "Star" entrepreneurial investment.

began to challenge the system quickly. This is the introduction of special car service and brought private cars in. Because the car there is no taxi operating right burden, no operating vehicle scrapping accelerated depreciation period, plus drops fast high subsidies, engaged in car practitioners profitable, the monthly income of several million yuan news hit the newspapers from time to time.

? After several years of development,

, officially launched the "business partners", using the Internet to promote employment, the first batch of Beijing, Guangzhou, for Shenzhen, Wuhan and Chengdu five to recruit 100 thousand owners.