for 09 years Chinese Internet is an eventful year, policy domain name server record strict examination, analysis of a malicious domain is unrelated to fengdiao. Telecom operators in order to avoid this storm, do not consider the feelings of individual owners, without permission to stop the entire computer room… Such a hurricane is one of the worst in China’s history of the Internet, and many small owners have been affected. Income is appalling.. But in such an environment, some other people who enjoy the industry are making a lot of money silently. Are they deep in their background or precise in their eyes?. Next, I’ll give you 818.

? Without web site can be extended? The answer is yes, I will give an example of this is not very popular Affiliate Marketing? If you have a Taobao customer, know what it is? Taobao off just Affiliate Marketing one of the business model CPS, CPL, CPC etc. finally, to promote, or service information and product information.

, the extension of the way I will not say, look at the ads all over the mountains and plains will know. Some people and some people buy some monthly auction portal advertising, some SEO, some people put CPC anyway, as long as there is to measure what have these ads look at YAHOO’s home page promotion column is full of this kind of advertising.

said so many things to see some friends may beat a retreat. Four how can I all have? Only one or two of them can do? These are actually, in combination with individual stationmaster countries increasingly standardized stationmaster industry under the condition of the best way out is the actual situation, combined with the Internet and the real phase is the future main line.

from now, probably about two years more! Look at the title, want to make money, people must hope to disclose the latest and most profitable Wangzhuan project, however, there is no what good Wangzhuan introduce to you, because when it comes to money? Man earns is little below! Just tell you note how novice! from scratch, from less to more than a process of accumulation, after all, the new project has accumulated in the old Wangzhuan Wangzhuan project on the

customer service, customer service staff can be said to depend on the level of your success, the most important part of the shopping process, it should not only have good sales skills but also have profound professional knowledge. Many do this regularly by professional trainers to train their customer service.

The second part is the extension of

Do Wangzhuan

third part logistics, currently doing this kind of products, in order to improve the turnover rate of orders. Most of the goods are on delivery, and this is a contract with the logistics department. Try to find more logistics companies, which places what logistics companies are not distribution, to understand.


website, is to promote the process of. Regardless of the site, or other Wangzhuan, all cannot do without the promotion!! if you do not believe, the novice can see what you are doing, or look around Wangzhuan project, even those who engage in Wangzhuan training are engaged in promotion! Otherwise, where the training of personnel, training fees received from where

After the completion of the

this, in fact, belongs to the scope of e-commerce, we look at their operations, the general operation of this kind of need four most of the source of goods, promotion, customer service, logistics. In each of these four parts, each link is very important, and we are speaking in turn. The first is the supply, many Taobao customers friends actually should expect to do these things but don’t have a good supply and customer service system so they do a Taobao customer to Taobao in the promotion of their sellers do get only a few percent of the share. There are several considerations for the selection of goods, 1. Price 2. Is Taobao available?. The first question is well understood, the lower the price, the greater the operating space profit. The second question is very simple, and some people see your product, feeling good, may go to Taobao to see if there is cheaper. This will lose part of the flow.

The fourth part ?Someone asked

last AD, if you are doing or want to do this industry, or you are watching the personal Adsense e-commerce and I exchange into >

said the money, each Wangzhuan project, if you do a very thorough, I believe it can still make money, and I personally suggest that you work hard, don’t do Wangzhuan part-time! Personally, I first start from the free Wangzhuan at that time a lot of people are to promote offline links from free blog in, my first click Wangzhuan is other surveys, surfing approximately, the original pay is like $5, I finally went to $4.5, and later to pay $10, more heavy, had to give up! In fact, there was a small number of people the monthly income of tens of thousands of free Wangzhuan I am a novice, no way!, these people are basically independent websites have their own, their job is to develop offline, then generate a new argument, Offline rebate! Then there have been a number of offline rebate software, what VIP offline rebate software, worth hundreds of thousands, but doing this, many new owners have bought such software to open the rebate business! Say money, of course is to enter the sooner the more money it! Reminds me of a classic English, The sooner you begin, the sooner you start earning a lot of money! Use the rebate software, there are a lot of people by selling their guide website, also made a fortune! Said so many words, personal advice is the best novice to do an independent the blog site, also, the operation of the operation! Do this industry is a process of accumulation! as for how to build websites, is beyond the scope of this article.