Abstract: entrepreneurship is a process of reinventing itself and reshaping values. Entrepreneurs are also ordinary people, we do not need too dirty or the myth of the group.

held in the 2014 Chinese innovation entrepreneur NEXT debut recently by the angel investor Dai Zhikang Mack Mack investment founder Li Hui said, the amount of financing for millions of rmb. In July 2013, the team won angel financing from the Sequoia cloud, broadband capital, Aurora Borealis ventures and Jinsha River venture partners. Mack since last September officially launched since, there have been more than more than 30000 enterprise users, monthly living rate of more than 20% monthly increase of more than 40%.


Mai get another reason Dai Zhikang was favored by the team’s landing. In the B2B market in Mack is particularly young team. According to Mack said, at present the product satisfaction is more than 94%, there are a lot of clients to pay. Whether it is a special market research needs, or general information collection requirements, can satisfy the mai. Mack wants to convey the idea that data collection can be easy, from the beginning of the end of the commercial network change work, laying the groundwork for the way the entire industry changes.

is the founder of

1. only succeeds, has not defeated,

based on this, I’d like to sum up the 10 top lies and blows that entrepreneurs say.

early in the product just released, Li Hui and Dai Zhikang met, she was the latter, this product is equivalent to help enterprises and external users to build a bridge to solve the problems in the management of information collection, through the form, build customer data pool, structured management contacts, and email marketing solutions. The meeting, Li Hui’s words, Dai Zhikang is very imaginative on products, quickly affirmed the Mack value, immediately raised his vision, recommended that the team have more pattern in the next stage of the product.

in fact, more common people are joining the entrepreneurial force, because the threshold of entrepreneurship is on the surface, under the influence of "popular entrepreneurship". However, when you really become the day of entrepreneurs, found that entrepreneurship is a very high threshold of things, in the face of a more than my ability problem, they can only use a lie to cover the limitations. So, we see a lot of incredible things happen, "cut wires" and other breakthroughs in business ethics bottom line, it is not surprising.

for the sports industry is even more so, when many people think that when opportunities come true, to seize a small minority, because the opportunity in front of a lot of naked human weakness has exposed: personality, ethics and integrity, lies, boasting such as flying, and concentrate and focus on product development is one of the few.


my WeChat often meets people who want to talk to me, but when I really sit down and talk about it, many people always brag about their success. For example, how financing; how many users of the project progress; and what layout?…… That’s all right, but I can’t hear his reflection and difficulty in business from start to finish.

recently discussed for entrepreneurs also say anatomy increasingly bloody, in the process of demonizing many emotions involved, through the fermentation of social media is more and more cheap — nature lost itself discusses meaning. We are too familiar with the routine, because after we were infected by a lot of entrepreneurial miracle inspired, they become marvel at the unicorn in a short time, it was time for them to obtain financing envy: what they can "success", according to the truth I better than they were

Li Hui’s view is that the future B2B products will have the following characteristics: first is easy to use; the second is lightweight, is not large, but starting from a certain point; third is the connectivity with other products, as the SaaS mode, these products and many products have B2C interface, through the circulation of information to create new vitality.

entrepreneurship is a process of re recognizing your own process and reshaping values. Entrepreneurs are also ordinary people, we do not need too dirty or the myth of the group. How entrepreneurs look at themselves and the environment is often just a microcosm of this environment, but whether it is true to yourself, to the project, to the team, to the investors, will determine how far they can go.

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makes Li Hui proud of the point is that B2B enterprises will generally be modified because of the different needs of different customers, and then become customer oriented, customized product status. The whole idea of Mai and the earliest founding in mind when there is no difference, but also very standard. To maintain the current state of the lightweight Mac, while adding some function.

recently many VC and Internet heavyweights will be pulled back to the B2B industry, which believes the latter has unlimited potential. Their point of view boils down to one point: the B2B field is full of many old products that have existed for years, and they are far from the ideal state of the product, not science, and need a new team to break it.

"the end of the world is coming. Why don’t you turn a blind eye to it?" said a line in a recent film "Pompeii doomsday.".




it’s very unusual. Maybe the other side has reservations. But a really good entrepreneur is more reflective of his mistakes every day

Mai Li Hui