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first: do the industry professional standards, relying on professional profit website

09 years just to, how about me in the 09 year profit money emerge in an endless stream of articles, like everyone to highlight new ideas, and create a lot of profit model, but these so-called new profit model, as stated in the sentence: like a glass bottle inside the butterfly, the future is bright, there is no way out of the

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because the station will have so many loyal members, members regularly to charge a membership fee, if the other site want to have a large number of loyal members must be content efforts, but also the spirit of sharing and Internet conflicts, such as you build a learning English charge member station, too a period of time, you search for free station similar content at the same time so do meet the eye everywhere, and we must think of a way to control the content of the loss of way is varied, but it is anti gentleman.

third: do unique content, membership fees

in my opinion, as a webmaster want to make money, also can make money on the profit model has been proved too, such as the following 5, although it is old, but in 09 years is still the main mode of money Webmaster:

this kind of website is more professional, professional knowledge by itself is convincing to affect users, allowing users to share information website most willing to pay per view, the value of advertising itself is relatively high, easy to attract advertisers to engage in quality.

probably do not elaborate on it, really not what to say, different alliances, different scale sites are doing, but I think we must choose the right location, according to their own advantage to do.

can also have a small innovation, such as many websites can web games and web games with respect to the alliance, the webmaster, no upfront investment, can easily have their own game channel, is the effective way to the webmaster sites and online games together. To help owners in the joint development of web games, bubbles play web game platform is the joint operation of the joint operation of web game platform is the largest, three months on the line, there are over 110 thousand of the owners to join bubbles play web game joint operating platform.

Of course,


if you do this kind of website, do not want to imitate, imitation is no way out, to find more, try more, perhaps in your inadvertently, the new standard is created by you.

second: make alliances, earn money by alliance,

The way that

but this kind of website for the webmaster is demanding, not only requires a profound professional knowledge, but also have strong innovation ability, such as Ai Rui, is a professional data analysis, ranking as the site of the later just copycats, but to imitate those who want to build more than the standard, the need to pay a the high price, but it is almost impossible.