recently, the owners circle in the prevalence of a mask wind. I brush space and WeChat friends circle, often see some friends selling mask, not only female children’s shoes in the sale, male cock silk webmaster is also selling. Not only ordinary people are selling, industry circles from the media star heavyweights are also selling. For the time being, we sell mask children’s shoes for micro dealers, and their main platform is WeChat. To analyze from several aspects, the webmaster sell mask in the end not fly,


investment cost PK: webmaster VS micro quotient

I haven’t sold any mask, which is said to be very profitable. The cost is very low. If you pack it, sell it at a high price. It’s very relaxing. If you have any more endorsements, you can sell it for a good price. Monthly income of tens of thousands is not impossible! For the cost of investment, do business selling micro mask does not require a large investment, some operators may also mask give you a free agent! For when the webmaster, upfront investment now is not great, because now the space and domain name are very cheap. So, on investment, the two are pretty much the same.


money cycle: Micro quotient less than webmaster

generally speaking, do personal Adsense profit cycle will be very long, because now personal Adsense promotion not allow before. The chain is not so easy to send, with the hair, some of the chain can’t do the ranking up.

and sell mask micro quotient, the same day on-line, the day can profit. Relatively speaking, do micro business selling mask, than the owners of the profit cycle shorter.

would you like to sell the mask,


in fact, I also asked some private webmaster circle of friends, if you have a chance, can become micro business, income than you when the webmaster to high, you are willing to give up the opportunity to do webmaster


results are also self-evident, many people have chosen to be willing to try to do micro business. A few days ago, mutual transmission webmaster network of the God of wealth in the circle of friends to send news that free training for micro business, instant 50 places will be full. Visible, and now the webmaster is also eager to transition, to change the current awkward situation,


webmaster, the transition needs to be urgently

have to say, the webmaster more and more difficult, while SEO is more and more difficult to do. A few days ago in the industry circles to see a screenshot, that is about the meaning of a word search product, above the top eight are the Baidu bid, the bottom three position is bidding, and on the right is also in the promotion of Baidu! And the top 10 are mixed with Baidu’s own the platform, such as Baidu, Baidu, Baidu library, Baidu Encyclopedia Post Bar! Calculate location also SEO in


even if you do not do micro business, at least not to focus on SEO, should open the way of thinking, learn to integrate resources, if a traffic 200+ IP website, many people will choose.