now can be said to be very fierce competition on the Internet, personal webmaster think that if we really want to make a station as a career to do, can try to set up a team to do local portal, local portal inside the most profitable of the number of local real estate network and local talent network. Do what you want, and don’t think about too many other factors. Never think about the competition. It’s tough. You can do it if you can do it. Today I am mainly in my own local property website, for example, to share how to do a good property network.

one, the website procedure selects

The program personal property website

is recommended with imitation of housing, the main page is relatively clean, then classification is clear, reasonable structure, very conducive to the optimization and the user experience is quite good. Of course, there are shortcomings. For example, there are fewer advertisements (in order to collect intermediary fees as profit points), there are too many calls and few words are added.

program selection, after the actual needs of their own to build functional blocks, such as second-hand housing, rental housing, residential property market. My site is mainly built second-hand housing, rent, residential, brokers, maps, looking for housing five blocks.

two, keyword analysis of the web site

the habit of searching for words varies from place to place, so we must analyze the target keyword first. Mainly through the Baidu index query, and then look at competitors, make a choice. Of course, in combination with the actual situation of their own team, select the target keyword is the best. Basically, that is, local + real estate network, local + secondary housing, local + rental housing, etc.. In addition to local + property network need to do with the home page, the other two can be classified home page to do.

long tail of the property network is basically divided into the following categories.

1, key words: community name, community name + rental, community name + second-hand housing

according to 1000 cell calculations, there have been 3000 long tail, time and technical relationship, I just made 500 residential

actual operation: each district has set up the introduction page, the plot + rent the house, the cell + second-hand house by calling and cell related information to realize. You can refer to my community arrangement,

2, key words: local town name + second-hand housing, local town + rental

is calculated according to 20 towns in each place, and can produce 40 or so long tail

actual operation: in the choice of second-hand housing and rental conditions, plus the town’s name

3, other real estate keyword is nothing more than a combination of various conditions, such as Kunshan, Zhang Pu, 2 million house, etc..

set a few more conditions, on the one hand, more spiders entrance, >