how to do a website, do website has been a topic of discussion, I contact site may be more than 5 years, from the free space in the forum, now has 5 sites, it is a little experience, this experience to talk about their own website.

first, choose the space and seed, learn the technique well, do the work attentively, stand

website to do a website, such as planting trees, like trees like to choose, you do what aspects of the network, is a comprehensive network or vertical sites, or social class, to, set network name, domain name, as well as species, species can have good results. It is not enough, but also planting technology, know how to cultivate seedlings. Is the network technology, website knowledge, such as PHP, ASP programming, will use DW, FTP and other software management space. With seed ­ domain name, with technology – site technology, to choose a good environment – space, there is a good space, a good environment, trees can grow better. Space to speed, do not have any restrictions, if necessary, have their own servers. The domain name, space, began planting trees, carefully done station such as trees and water, nourish; with techniques such as the tree stands to soil, have good space environment; (website space), in order to better development. Such a site was born.

two, take root and bathe the sun and moon essence,

seed in your attentive care and take root of teeth, is your membership, a website is not a member, will not have a big development, it is the trunk of your name, your navigation is the classification of branches, leaves the natural – Web content website. Site name, domain name is tree species, tree trunks, that is, positioning, what kind of root will be generated, what kind of membership?. With members will take root, members of the information sent, that is, send the article page. Sites such as trees are beginning to take root and sprout, and the site has some members and adds a lot of web pages. Began to be included in a number of search engines.

then what is the search engine? I see the sun, the sun is the vast number of Internet users. Is not included in the object is covered by the sun, trees without sunlight, will not grow and grow. Such as Baidu now, has become a habit of Internet users to inquire about information, there will not be east or what to buy, as long as the Baidu will have a result. If you want to know your web, let the sun shine on your page so that people can see your website. Do not clone leaves, because the natural conditions are not exactly the same leaves, so do not always copy web pages of others, copy things, such as being covered by things, the sun will not shine. Search engines will not be included, such as less sunlight, leaves color yellow tender. Website is the same, web pages are the basic elements of the site, such as towering trees, leafy, in order to absorb more essence. Currently, Baidu sits in the sun’s position (most of the traffic comes from Baidu), and Google plays the part of the moon. Properly do the optimization, so that the sun can not block