March 28, 2010, Comsenz company released its 2010 core product Discuz! X experience a lot of version, wait for the grassroots webmaster in droves, some people can not wait to get this does not rise, do not advocate the establishment of the official program built version of the site experience. There are many people on the official experience website all day long, waiting for child tiger daily release team diary, the official every change is holding everyone’s heart, never any kind of software, so so worried. Obviously, the company tried to Comsenz making it something, as Kang Sheng Mister Dai Zhikang previously said that, discuzx tries to open up the establishment of the new era.

April 29, 2010, the official release of the upgrade version, in just one hour, downloaded more than hundreds of thousands of times, I am also the first time to download the program, even without careful study use, could not wait to put the UPLOAD stuff uploaded, full of fantasy, but the result is a sleepless night. Because of some small mistakes, web site for the first time failed to upgrade, the so-called styled, in an effort to restore the original user’s head and part of the data the whole day was gone, regret to die. As a whole, there is no improvement in the middle of the night. The headache is like the pesticide, but I go to bed, but I don’t necessarily go to bed when I go to bed. It’s full of discuzx

fortunately, second days early in the morning, the site has been upgraded successfully, but the user’s Avatar data has been lost forever. At the same time, a large number of BUG makes me a headache, one point one white eyes, a repair. This process is more worrying than a wife’s child. How beautiful the 51 ah, to be wasted, dwelling in less than 20 square meters of rented room, day and night,

pain ah!

now, the owners are on the new journey again, and officials say the official version will be released before May, and everyone is looking forward to it, and hopefully the day of the release will be the end of the pain,