social review plugin is simply a software that can be mounted on a web site that provides critical functionality, while all users are able to use it and feel the social atmosphere. In the article "10 WordPress third party social review plugin", I introduced 5 popular domestic third party social review plug-ins, namely, friends, comments, Bemi, multi talk, light heron. So, what are the features of the social review plug-in? What are some of the comments and plug-ins that can be used for reference?

first, the basic function of social review plugin

Nested forms of parent-child relationships between

1, comment, login, reply, and reply;

2, accessible user information;

3, the website owner manages the content of the review;

4, spam defense,

5, WordPress social review plugin and topic compatibility and data synchronization:

One problem with

WordPress is that the theme maker does not default on the topic and is designed to have the theme of a social review plugin, even if it’s willing to do it and do poorly. After the blog encounters user comments, the WordPress system itself does not have information. For this point, each review plugin is handled differently, basically giving a management interface on the service platform. But if you put the data on the plug-in server, the wordpress blog itself won’t have a hint of the new comment. The light Heron plug-in has the ability to synchronize to the local database, which can solve the problem. Even so, the anchor link created by the WordPress () function provided by comments_popup_link will fail.

6, when replying, the notification is answered to the user: mail notification, micro-blog notification, etc.;

7, paging, sorting, in different ways without refresh responses without refresh function page effect;

8, the content of the reply can contain more elements, such as expressions, pictures, video, code, links, etc.;

9 and SEO functions;

The styles for

10, the review list, and the comment box can be varied and customizable.

The social function of

two and social review plugin

socialization is the killer of social comment plug-in, and it is an inevitable choice for various websites in SMO era for different users.

1, social login

multi account login, account binding, create a unified Internet review account, each account will be unified, allowing users to become a person.