Wang Yu said, "assembly number" is the most touching movie, and the "dead command", "executive power" is its enterprise sentiment. But obviously, the mere discussion of executive power does not work in the practice of many enterprises. For example, Wang Yu had founded the "51 stage", although from the CEO to the employees are full of strong execution of the blood, but ultimately did not go through this, Wang Yu summed up his life in another perception — don’t let the world with his ningba.

51 crossroad

Wang Yu, born in 1978, graduated in engineering and finance, and earned an MBA degree more than 10 years ago. He admitted China banking the glorious future, also believe that they can be themselves, since 2009 to enter the business venture a month later, they entered the hot field of electronic business, and the 51 stage is to help banks to set up a network online mall site, supply and price. As the "assembly" advocated by Wang Yu, believe that entrepreneurship must persist in him a wild burst of energy into electric tide in three years. However, he thought educational background, look not on high school students can "buy goods sellers" and the electricity supplier’s hard-earned money, this let him pain.

"do bank credit card management consulting.". But state-owned enterprises (Chinese banks) don’t care what model you do. There was not enough money to hold on to the day when I finished the model. In 2009, we were meant to be finance. Based on the purchase of consumer installments, points exchange behavior, made a model to each bank to do credit card management consulting." Wang Yu explained his original idea.


51 staging network founder Wang Yu

but as time progresses, Wang Yu found that this road is too long. Among them, there are five ups and downs:

first column, cash flow difficult. After all, in the early days of the startup, the project failed to produce effective cash flow, but the company wanted to survive. Eventually, the 51 installment of the network abandoned data mining for consumer behavior. Wang Yu said with emotion: "in the process of mining data, you will have greed.". Money, of course, is good, I can’t bear it. You see, you can make two hundred dollars by selling a cell phone; you can earn three hundred bucks by selling a quilt. After the first month, we started to do a better job. Doing it, the market pushed us to the electricity supplier in this industry."

second Hom, the growth of the trapped. Steering electricity providers in the early stages of 51 networks only five people. Five people think it’s interesting to do this. Everyone can make a lot of money. With the excitement of entrepreneurship, the company expanded in size, with ten employees, twenty, five, and thirty-three. But the increase of the number of employees, does not mean that the increase of the size of the company, then banks has been close to the Red Sea, especially the deep mining investment banks and other businesses on the Internet: "we are the bank business, banks to make online shopping mall.