the next few years, the intense market competition, more and more enterprises will be on the existing or potential market segments, and use a variety of marketing tools, such as the traditional media marketing, event marketing, event marketing, network marketing and other marketing together, and in many marketing tools, network marketing will A NEW force suddenly rises.. With the strategic position.

here, the author makes an overview of the development trend of enterprise network marketing, which may be related to its characteristics, nature, role, characteristics and other series of issues. Compared to the past two years and the next few years, network marketing will have the following major changes:

The ratio of input to output of

1. network marketing has changed greatly from current low input, low output, high input and low output to high input and high output. The reason for this obvious change is that the whole network market, especially the Internet users, has made a fundamental change in the cognition of the network, and the popularity of the network has a lot to do with it. There are three reasons for high input:

(1) labor cost is greatly increased, whether professional or degree of division of labor, which greatly enhance the cost, in some marketing companies in developed countries, especially Japan and the United States, the network marketing team of more than 1/5 of the number of the whole company.

(2) competition costs also increase in the market environment, especially in terms of SEM, competitive marketing can be reflected. The information of the network itself is massive. In order to achieve the effect, we need to take all kinds of measures to attract the attention of the people concerned.

(3) R & D costs, as users demand more difficult, users experience a higher demand for the site. It includes interfaces, functions, and other aspects of integration.

2. network marketing branch of network brand marketing and network marketing. At present, more enterprises in the network marketing stage, and in the future of network marketing, these two branches are indispensable. Network brand is a basic point of creating the network market, it can reflect the authority and credibility of the enterprise.

3. network marketing will compete with traditional marketing, forming a perfect integrated marketing system. At present, most of the traditional marketing and network marketing is relatively independent, few enterprises will be the two marketing integration, some advanced marketing concept, has been slightly reflected, but really want to explore more deeply, but also need to put these concepts into the enterprise management, especially in traditional industries.

4. consultant website development model gradually shaped, to "service" as the core of the site positioning is more and more web site goal. What are the main points:

(1). What the user needs more research on commercial website, the website can provide what users are looking for help or information for the user, rather than a kind of content and form is a whole website full of commercial advertising.

(2) form a sound consulting system, no matter what