The emergence of

web design is to cater to the needs of users, and the current web design is no longer a "design and development integration" a few years ago. Simply put, can have a magnificent picture ", you can now? The answer is no, now" in addition to the pursuit of gorgeous but also the pursuit of practical utility, has become a part of web design.


Font layout for

web design. In simple terms, that is, to increase the font design in web design, font design, before we use Photoshop and other tools to make pictures and then export, referenced to the web page. This will cause some disadvantages, such as increasing the burden on the server, slow opening of web pages, and inconvenient to modify such problems. The font server, such a display of the form is compared with text, pictures or JS scripts are more "light", so that the font design must later become "beauty and the technical level of the wind vane.

web design development road, abandon Flash. The purpose of abandoning Flash is not to Seo, because search engines have been able to read Flash easily. Flash, if you use a large number of mobile terminals, the reaction is very slow, very affecting the user experience. Let users wait and not get good results, it is to meet the user’s appetite? Moreover, more than 4.1 of the Android system and apple devices already do not support Flash, so we should not use Flash as an important element in web design, should be replaced with HTML5/CSS3, not only will not cause the browser crashes and other issues, but also bring a very good visual effect.

web design, the development of the road, multi terminal design. That is to say, future web pages are not only present on PC, but also on tablets and mobile phones, in other words, responsive design. The design and content of web pages similar to those of PC on tablets or smartphones seem a bit off the mark. It is an inevitable trend to develop different terminals and give different designs. Of course, it is also convenient for some users who are reluctant to download mobile applications.


web design development road, larger atmosphere. Have you found that in many of Tmall flagship store’s Home page, with the atmosphere as a big screen for the first screen, increase web infection?. Large footprint resources have to be admitted, but it can be a good way to combine them organically with the font layout. The big picture as the background, font layout in a particular position on the formation of the Photoshop processed images, even more amazing is that the text which can be directly copied and shared with friends, isn’t this a good idea? The background image is the atmosphere, this design will meet a lot of a user. < >