discussed the problem of standing with friends yesterday. When it comes to what kind of station to do, I suddenly feel that personal website doesn’t have a future.

(referred to here as "personal web site" is simply a person’s ability to do the site)

the current situation of the domestic personal website is nothing more than a word "copy", as can be seen from several big station network, in addition to Admin5 webmaster network articles are mostly original, the other station is nothing more than you copied. Looking at the site on alimama, it’s almost original copy.

in the Internet is becoming more and more homogeneous today, the personal webmaster’s future, where exactly?

personal webmaster from the past simple interest to the current development of profit, no profit, individual stationmaster is worthless, it might be a bit too much, but the reality is not so, the profit of individual owners, was not the real owners.

is now not alone in the era of competition in the increasingly fierce today, only Baotuan station, is the future of personal adsense.

now, the personal stationmaster’s inferiority has been more and more obvious, concrete performance is as follows:

1, time: personal Adsense 1 days in front of the computer 10 hours may be normal, but there is no guarantee of health. Moreover, even if you work 24 hours a day, the efficiency is very low.

do station from the preliminary research planning to design art, and later to the content editor maintenance, during the promotion, this workload is very big. In particular, content updates and maintenance, I believe that many individuals are very headache webmaster. Collection was K, do not collect it, content updates can not keep up with, even if the original pseudo original is also very time-consuming.

2, funds: personal site is also very high cost, especially labor costs, consider the opportunity cost, then, a month profit of not more than 2000 yuan, to make a site is a failure.

3, intelligence: a person’s thought is always limited, especially when the individual stationmaster is lonely fight a lone battle, though, many netizens online may chat together, but every day to chat to talk to nothing more than those things, not thinking things can develop.

Jackpot probability as

personal webmaster re replication of hao123 in the same way as a miracle, almost no such possible.

but the Internet is young, just Chinese in development for 10 years, the Internet is still a lot of opportunities, of course, the opportunity for those who are prepared, this person is no longer a single person, but a team. A team doesn’t have to be a company. It can be a small organization on the internet.

to be continued……