affirms that BS is the garbage collector, please skip

below is I do garbage station experience, although there are many predecessors have tried, but still quite rich way, so write down, hope to be outdated,

due to the end of last year, I do regular station, somehow by Baidu to K, so I with very depressed mood began to do garbage station (PS:, of course, the movie station),

first go to the source station to get Marx’s band of data source code, get a piece of CN domain name, find a day IP, to 5000 of space, began to work,

PS: (I think that it is rubbish station, of course PV high never mind, the best is to let the ads to the content together, when users visit the station you don’t know which is the content, which is advertising, perhaps he ordered three or four ads to find really want content

)Because the

does not rely on Baidu, so only to buy traffic, but now the flow of the League IP value is not high, so I went to some traffic high site or web station advertising, January 500, can bring 2000-3000IP every day, this is enough, of course, if so you start running advertising is the need to earn money not to return, some union circulation flow, for example, now more and more movies and movie navigation station search alliance, our purpose is to buy you every day 2000-3000 IP cycle to 4000IP, or even higher, because the opportunity to show more, your ads are clicked on the chance the greater

The next step is to optimize the

home page, not let you SEO, but that you adjust the home page advertising, we all know: the garbage station home page click rate is very high, so we should as much as possible advertising and Film Union code, the specific reference to and which is three or four days after I debug will the conversion rate of the template

was relatively high

is the next choice of advertising, because China advertising deduction amount are very serious, and the price is low, so it is best to find flow union code not only attractive, deduction amount is not so serious (personally think that the price is good, there are a few good price in 18-21/ between 1000IP, if you really want to do advertising alliance also, we find that can display real-time data, to facilitate their adjustment of advertising, because the same ad code, a left and a right click rate, but more or less Oh, so far, your work has been completed, the next is not what happened, look at the statistics, see the income of


this model, I put two ads, 1150 yuan per month, IP> per day; 8000, every day to earn 120

from the Union

focus: the same template style should be no more than one or two months. You should think about changing the style, because of the time >