into the community, we will encounter a variety of problems, how to better deal with their own network is very important for their development. The concept of career, although some gifted people can be arrogant, but still more friends all over the world who can walk through. As the saying goes, people with IQ, EQ and FQ, EQ high to a certain extent, nature can tap potential, gather popularity, infinite network of extraordinary achievements so as to cause people, writing text. Today, we tell the story of the three very good interpersonal relationships, and it successfully developed into an industry, but also very scientific management, so that the wealth of individuals to develop more than the conventional speed.

one might say: often eat and drink that is not really a mercenary friend. But the starting point for the development of the network is the first "run" and then select the focus on the development of the object, and take the first step, generous to people, people feel your atmosphere is a must.

"others have to weigh the." This is Meng Zi. Qi Huanjin the thing "in the famous, it also speaks let friends appreciate your the only proper course to take. John Dewey, a professor of human relations at the Harvard University, said: "the greatest need of human nature is the desire to be sure." This is not wrong. Even if you are a very generous person, every day to invite friends to eat PARTY, but always holding the arrogant attitude, others say what you want to refute, it is estimated that the number of your friends will not be many.

of course, we do not advocate not disorderly perfunctory friends, but to learn to "low profile put soft posture, learn to listen to the words of others, more learning" to "