, as a webmaster, wants to make its website grow, but how to grow and develop? Universal navigation network SEO tracking data show: "most websites, more than 80% of the traffic comes from search engines."". Therefore, the key to the development of the site is how to make their website content is updated by Baidu and other search engines included, and has a good search rankings. Here, Wang Yujun combines his years of management, life, service, peak network and Chinese wine culture network and other websites experience, talk about the realization of Baidu update every day, included some practices.

1, backed by trees, has at least one high quality external link,

Baidu for web updates included a feature, that is, the higher the weight of the site, Baidu update included frequency higher. Because the higher the weight of the site, Baidu spider is more, so for the low weight site, in order to achieve the Baidu search engine is updated every day included, we should rely on the high quality of the external links. Study found: for low weight sites, in order to achieve Baidu search engines, updated every day included, at least a high quality external links. Life service peak network, network and other sites because of universal navigation network strong support, and effectively realize the content of the web site, Baidu search engine updated every day included. Life service peak network and legend network, only universal navigation network, a high-quality external links, has successfully achieved Baidu, Google search engine updates every day included. After the study, from the universal navigation network to remove life service peak network, links to the legend network, Baidu search engine updated every day immediately terminated, and this fully illustrates the problem. As for what high-quality external links, you can refer to the "high quality external links have important signs" article.

2, focus on the establishment of a professional website

people’s energy is limited after all, as an individual webmaster, this is particularly important. Many webmaster in the process of creating a website, it is vulnerable to outside influences, like the original founder of life service peak nets as originally envisaged is fill computer knowledge, then add the results of website building and operation, body art, beautiful pictures, the world delicacy and healthy food and so on large columns, a look back that website is not the original idea, has become the portal site. As many columns, content out of order, let life service peak nets has become a key site in no imperceptibly, every column updates a is a big workload, leading to a lot of columns for a long time did not update, of course, the quality of the user experience greatly reduced. For the future development of the website, as a warning for the future, the initiative to give up the vast majority of the column, and then spent a lot of time and effort, it gradually transferred to the health site, due to the subject clear, clear, plus ads for the customers to support high quality, achieved a very significant effect.

according to the detours he has made, draw the following conclusions, >