famous stationmaster, KDD website stationmaster GJJ

            a cool webmaster called GJJ (KDD) to talk about their own personal and personal experience in the elite owners meeting, the following is the entire contents of the conversation.

anchor: why don’t we just please tell us about how cool webmaster webmaster

become the wind?

GJJ: I found the host a little Jerry, he wanted to say a slovenly, crazy stationmaster, is referred to as the wind.


the image of what everyone is saying? I’ve been told that I looks like a beggar, almost look like fleeing, the website is asked. I came from the disaster area, Sichuan, just when we were in the earthquake, I also stay here in Guangzhou, so it should be said that this is the fourth time to Guangzhou, so I am particularly impressed with Guangzhou.

whether it is the development of the Internet or in all its aspects, only 20% of the traffic from Guangzhou is basically a province of Guangdong. Like our 114, MSCD, and many other many, many sites, anyway, Guangdong, there are many special cattle webmaster.


this kind of person, compared with them completely is far worse, but they are relatively low-key, Guangdong station are particularly low-key, are hidden, and I kind of people are crazy, often shot for a place, I may be a company that you have dozens or hundreds of Internet Co I often say to webmaster friends chat, but your work area is far from me.

is like 114. They are going to buy a building, but they are thousands of square meters. I am now 9 million 600 thousand square kilometers. There’s no way you can compare with me. Just now the host said, "let me come up and talk about what topic,


Moderator: in fact, he is a person who will recommend themselves, we are very pragmatic, and all to promote their site, I found that he is through the promotion of their own, and then put their own site up. So I would like to ask you about this experience and teach you.

GJJ: in fact, do so many years I also planted a lot of fall, Download copyright this thing can not be done, and then they said to do a forum for users to send, after the discovery of user made up, just above the boss said, some things do not have normal hair up. When there is no network that is the Public Security Bureau said that the website you have what problem, we do not pursue your responsibility, you two hours to delete you nothing, if two hours removed has a relationship with you, I put off the forum.

later, I made novel, this thing should be no problem, and then in Baidu’s TOP inside to do some novels, to get to their own website, it is artificial collection. Then go through the search engine, because it was special then