do stand easy, do stand difficult, with 90 also began to step into this industry, competition is more intense, today I will tell you, I do station five main experience. OK, no more ado, start.

the first point is to have an attitude of persistence.

as the saying goes, "persistence is victory in the end". In fact, I am also deeply aware of the true meaning of this sentence when I am in the station. As many as a successful person, whether it is wise, is the head relatively awkward, just stick to it, and finally succeeded? So that every webmaster should maintain a belief to encourage himself. Of course, the insistence here is not only to talk about, but also to work hard and faith.

second, fixed point update.

why do you say you need to update regularly? Here’s my story. My every day is from about 10 to about 11.40 points to start the update (because most content needs to be original, pseudo original so a long time point), after each update is completed, and then update the generated home page and column page, and then use Baidu Search himself released today things have been collected.

why is included so fast, so accurate? Of course have a great relationship and original content, and timing of the update, update the site to develop over a period of time the habit of a day for two days, for a long time the spider slowly realize that this is a habit, you almost out of the article almost can get seconds this is the author, after a long test to experience.

third points, original content.

original content is always a web site for spiders important scoring channels, so, we must adhere to the original and pseudo original writing and publishing. Do not for a temporary lazy and go to a large number of copies, once two times, perhaps not too big relationship, for a long time, you will find that your website ranking in a little bit of decline. Original content is the most important thing to optimize the website.

fourth points, the chain release.

statement, I said the chain refers to the childish outside the chain, rather than those loose with the chain. In fact, many people have misunderstood the chain, to pursue the number of the chain blindly, but who really thought about how the chain for the website is really helpful? This is we need to carefully analyze carefully, after all, everyone has their own small abacus, I not to say, we rely on the excavation.

fifth points, do a good job in the website chain.

with the chain more and more attention to the situation, many people pursue the chain at the same time, often ignored the importance of the chain. Within the chain, is an important bridge site internal communication, an important link is to transfer the weight, Baidu spider to crawl through the chain and determine your site keywords to do, and give a certain score, so that combination of inside and outside, this effect is far.